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My pastor warned those of us who are left-brained that our reasoning gets in the way of extravagantly trusting the Lord.

The darkness Wilkerson speaks of in his quote fills me with a myriad of scary emotions: weeping, anger, fear, and stress; none of which I am eager to embrace. If I can think of a way not to go there, I will. Nonetheless, I have purposed to set my mind on my journey of faith despite the lonely, dark times.

Psalm 84: 6 and 7 reminds me that when I walk through this Valley of Bacca (or weeping), I will become a place of refreshing! Imagine that. The autumn rains will clothe me with blessings and I will continue to grow stronger. So God promises not only to get me through it, He promises to strengthen me in it and then use me to help others so He can be glorified. Admit it; this is good news.

Be encouraged if you, like me, are in a dark place right now. Someday we will understand, but today let’s trust God extravagantly. Forget figuring it all out. He is faithful to bring us through. Together, we’ll be stronger for it.

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  1. Oh Mary, how I loved what you wrote:

    "So God promises not only to get me through it, He promises to strengthen me in it and then use me to help others so He can be glorified. Admit it; this is good news."

    So glad you joined in.

    Blessings and love,

  2. Yes, Let's trust Him extravagantly. It is a SAFE thing to do, because he can be trusted!

    God bless you - Marsha

  3. Enjoyed your post!

    I was reading those verse from Psalm 84 last night.
    God is faithful to His promises!

    May you be refreshed today!

  4. "Forget trying to figure it all out." Boy isn't that the truth. We just spin our wheels trying to figure out why things happen as we await the arrival of the dawn, a new day, a brighter hope. Praise the Lord He is there to see us through.

  5. As I go through this battle at my workplace, sometimes I wish the Lord is returning now or I want His answers in my time not when He wants it to happen. It's not fun to be in the darkest valleys but I think that's where our faith grows even more, our trusts go deeper, our desperation to seek for Him increases (may it be that way! :)...Thank you for this sister and blessings and love to you always. Never forgetting to pray for you and your family.

  6. I too am guilty of trying to figure it out. Would it be easier on me if I gave up that fight? I make trusting hard on myself. Thanks for bringing it to light.

  7. Such truth to your post Mary. Our flesh resists that dark place, yet once we can see the Light and rejoice in the Freedom even without the knowledge of why we can rest in knowing that it was Christ who gave us the strength to endure and it is Christ who gets the glory!

    Love you my precious friend! Praying for you

  8. The quote by Wilkerson is what we have to remember in our dark hours. I pray that the Word penetrates your soul today and that the God of comfort will fill you with joy.

    Blessings, Debbie


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