Joyce and the Girls!

I love being with girlfriends. I’m still astounded by all the excitement of praising God with thousands of faith-filled believers at the Joyce Meyer Conference last weekend in Phoenix. Wow…all the great teaching…I’m laughing because I said that whatever the message topic would be, it would be handpicked for me. So what did God send me to hear? She spoke all weekend on Strife!

Just before I drove off, I read your comments to my last blog post and so appreciated your love and encouragement, my friends. Likewise, I would like to share my conference notes with you and hope you are blessed.

Notes from Joyce Meyer Conference Feb. 2011

Strife is an angry undercurrent while everyone thinks everything is just fine; it’s dangerous and it’s an evil spirit.

Choose upon awakening each day not to be touchy. Use God’s Word like a medicine and ask God for the grace to forgive and set myself free.

When I don’t get my way, have a good attitude. Say “I guess it’s good for me.” Don’t get mad at God. It is the enemy that is the source of the problem.

Peace does not just happen; we have to choose it.

Why do so many people choose anger and offense? Would they choose to receive a snake?

If the horse is dead, dismount.

I can get along with anybody; contention comes by pride.

Love gives up its right to be right.

Strife should be feared – it’s poison. There is power in agreement. Don’t give the enemy a foothold. It will turn into a stronghold.

Jealousy is caused by greed and strife.

God is always working even if my breakthrough seems long in coming. Keep serving Him!

Want the devil to leave you alone? Love! Increase in love!

Are you discontent? It’s because you’re not trusting God. Be content, even when you’re slandered. If I do what I can do, God will do what I can’t do.

What is so amazing about Joyce is that she demonstrates the Word as well as preaches it. My heart went out to her all weekend suffering with an abscess tooth and yet, she continued on. I woke up the morning of the last day with a migraine; it would have been so easy to stay under the blankets, but my girlfriends prayed and I went to the conference despite feeling fragile. There is such amazing power in God’s Word!

I hope you are as encouraged as I am. The Lord did amazing things not only on the stage, but in our hotel room, in the lines we stood in and our seats. It was the place to be to pray, fellowship and make new friends!


  1. Mary, sounds like you had a fabulous time! Wow, loved your notes - I think the one that spoke most to my heart was this - "Peace does not just happen; we have to choose it."

    Yes, that really made me stop and think. I want peace - but I want it to come without working at it. Choosing peace is intentionally letting go of the things we can't control, and letting God take over. Trusting Him with the process and the outcome. I struggle with that. But this was a good reminder to make peace something that I work at - something that I attune my will toward, in spite of circumstances.


  2. I was hoping you'd share some notes from that fabulous conference, girlfriend!

    Isn't Joyce just such a blessing? I've read a number of her books and always been blessed each time.

    Welcome back...glad you had a safe trip!

  3. There's so much truth here ... I need to print this, to pause and reflect.
    Thank you for sharing these notes; I'm soooo glad you had a good time, in spite of the migrane.

  4. Hi Saleslady371 -

    Glad you had fun and got filled with the Words of our Lord with signs following!

    Joyce Meyer has a practical potent way of reaching people. It is a pleasure to hear her describe her experiences with GOD in the mix.

  5. I can't even tell you the times I have gone to Joyce and leave just in AWE of God, in Awe of HIS Word and so thankful for Joyce's obedience and anointing!

    thank you for sharing these notes ~ I will definitely be printing these off and digging in!

    So thankful for all did in and for you Mary! I know when I have gone in the past the Lord did amazing things in the hotel and in line! It is just soo awesome to experience isn't it :)

    Love you

  6. Such practical wisdom! Even so, it's also the timeless & powerful truth that always invades God's wisdom. I'm so glad you got a heavy dose of it, and some laughter to boot. Conferences of this sort always leave me feeling like I've just had a thirst quenching drink from a fire hose :)


  7. Sounds like you were meant to be there!
    Thanks for giving us a piece of the conference...great thoughts and truths!
    So great you got to get away with the girls and be with Him!

    Deborah xo

  8. That sounds utterly awesome! I have never seen Joyce before. I went to a Healing rooms conference once, and was attacked all weekend with headaches, stomach name it. That's when you know the enemy is shook up, I guess.

  9. I love Joyce M's teahings!! Yes where there is hate sow love. Love is more powerful and we need to be so strong to avoid strife! Thank you for this post!


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