Friday Snow Funnies!

Blogger friends have been writing about all the snow that fell this past week, like the ones that said they have two feet of snow. Wonder what that looks like.

Have a great Friday, my friends. May your day be filled with lots of chuckles that lift your spirits. A good way to do that is by visiting Kim at Homesteader's Heart.


  1. OH FUNNY! 2 feet of snow. HA! HA! And we DO get hurricanes so we would say the opposite. "At least we don't get blizzards. At least we don't get blizzards!" LOL!
    Have a SUPER DUPER Happy Friday my friend.

  2. Cute post, Mary. Our daughter-in-law is from Maine, but she and our son lived in the south several years after they were first married. God took them back to Maine and two years ago, the last picture you have on your post today was kept on Ellen's facebook page! ;)
    Thanks for the chuckles.

  3. Oh Mary this is tooo funny! I would have loved to be able to drive around and gets pics of all the creative things people have done out of snow! It has been soo amazing to see!

  4. Mary,That is "Piles of Smiles".
    Have wonderful Happy weekend.

  5. OK, Mary - I'm starting to feel a little guilty here in California.

    The two feet of snow cracked me up.

    Thanks for always making me :)


  6. That is SnOw funny! LOL!
    And ditto what Kim said! I'll take the hurricanes; at least you can get away from them, and they don't hang around for months.

    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  7. Funny....especially the two feet of snow. Linda J.

  8. Hi Saleslady 371 -

    Thank you.

    In particular, that first photo was a hoot.


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