Shaking the 'Tude

I had just noticed the opened box of pasta that fell in my pantry and spilled everywhere when the phone rang. There I stood in the walk-in pantry picking up handfuls of spaghetti and talking to my husband simultaneously. He heard the irritation in my voice and urged me to cheer up; “it’s only spaghetti,” he said. I was on my way out the door planning to wash my car and do some gardening on a beautiful sunny afternoon! Time ran out to do the gardening, but my pantry got swept clean and organized! While washing my car I adjusted my attitude. It really was “only spaghetti.”

Whining! It will spiral you down every time! I noticed this past week in my study time that God provided so many miracles for the Children of Israel in the desert yet they whined and complained because they missed their former lifestyle in Egypt. I exclaimed: “Yeah, but you were in slavery!” to an empty room. And yet, I’m guilty of that too.

What about Jonah? Here he is a man of God complaining because the vine that God provided him for shade withered. We really like to control God sometimes.

Our family was discussing the surprise of Bristol Palin becoming a Dancing with the Stars finalist. My daughter made a brilliant observation. She pointed out that America loves to see an underdog succeed. That’s what happened with Bristol’s hard work and good attitude. Brandy may have been the better dancer, but she and her partner had an attitude that, apparently, America didn’t like. We watch the show to be entertained and people don’t want to hear about “how unfair the judges are” or” how sore and hurting their dancing bodies are and they just don’t think they can go another day!” No, we tend to raise the bar and promote professionalism which is most evident by our attitude.

I’m determined to improve my attitude this week. After all, it’s the season of Thanksgiving. Skip Heitzig writes: “When our pilgrim forefathers came to this country, what they were up against was far worse than anything we face now. The first year, over half of their band of 110 died. Our pilgrim fathers dug seven times more graves for the dead than they built huts for the living. And yet during that same period is when they decided to carve out a day where they could say, "Thank you, Lord, for all of your benefits."

If our forefathers could be thankful in the midst of their suffering, so can I! Overcoming is the Christian-American way.

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  1. What a wonderful post! An attitude of gratitude blesses us more than the effort to obtain it.

  2. I agree; we always seem to love the underdog. Although I've not been watching this season's Dancing with the Stars, I love to see an underdog win. It's great to see them working hard and improving as they focus on learning.

    But how important it is to have a grateful heart. Much love to you Mary.


  3. Oh Mary! You spoke right to my heart! Sometimes I call it Stinkin Thinkin can just ruin everything and affect those around us too! Thank you for reminding me of those who have gone before us ....they truly had it harder than any of us could begin to fathom!

    I haven't watched this season but have heard excerpts here and there! I am thrilled for Bristol! She has risen above so much!

    I am so glad you were able to share this with us today! I especially love it when the enemy is trying to get us in a snare but either we recognize it or someone else does (your honey) and we can turn it around and glorify the Lord! Halleluah!

  4. Who doesn't whine? I'm guilty here, too. Ouch! That time when they announced from DTWS who got booted out, it didn't come as a surprise to me. My friend and I had been discussing that considering the fact that Bristol is not even an actress nor a dancer by trade, she had learned and improved so well because she was determined to learn, despite knowing how tough it would be and how many would be against that decision. She didn't care. It was because she wanted to try.

    May I learn also to replace this whining with "gratitude" instead. I always remind my son. I forget, I have to remind myself first. God bless you sister and Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. what a great post. being grateful and not letting the stuff stuff worry us...Have a great weekend.

  6. Love this post,so true.
    Much Blessings,

  7. Ditto from my corner of Texas!!

    and GO BRISTOL!!!

    I know that I have whined when my pasta or sugar or whatever, has spilled... yep... it's just pasta! No big deal... it helps to remember that. :)

  8. An excellent post, Mary!
    I was upset this morning because I had broken a favourite ornament. I tried to tell myself it was just a 'thing' but it still upset me just the same. When my hubby came home from the gym and asked me what was wrong, I burst into tears! So, that sweet man told me to get ready and he took me to a gardening center where it was all decorated for Christmas and he bought me another ornament much like the one I had broken. He is a real sweetheart and the Lord has surely blessed my life with this man I'm married to! Life has been difficult in our family lately but with God's love and that of my husband's, I'm getting through it one day at a time. An attitude of gratitude can take one a long way! Today, I'm thankful for many things. Thanks for sharing and I pray you and your loved ones have a blessed Thanksgiving this coming week.


  9. Such a good word! It's a mighty project to manage the space between my ears sometimes. But the fact is: it's really the only space I have much control over.

    Whatever is good, and true, and pure, and noble ... What a focus!

    Bless you,

  10. I want to be more grateful in my sufferings, too. Thanks for sharing this.

  11. I have been reading a lot of encouraging posts today. Something I oh so need. Thank you for being one as well. Blessings.

  12. Timely truth today my friend..
    thank for your sensitivity to our Lord..
    Love you!

    Deborah xoxo

  13. What a beautiful post... i so need to adjust my attitude.. in so many areas of my life.. thank you for this reminder. You are a blessing!

    Have a blessed thanksgiving week ahead!!

  14. What a beautiful post. I agree. We have so much to be thankful for and yet sometimes we fret over little things like spaghetti. I like what you said about Bristol Palin. I think it is sad that she is getting the criticism she is getting but I guess it's to be expected.
    Blessings for a very happy Thanksgiving.

  15. Gotta comment again.
    I always look for your post on Spiritual Sundays! Also am a big fan of your daughter, and now your newest follower!
    Thank you for the dear comment on my blog this weekend.

  16. We all have those days! But thankfully we can be reminded how blessed we are :) I love the new picture for your header!

  17. When I look up scriptures because of different cituations I end up reading way more than I started out to read, I am always blessed because of this. I'm glad you cleaned your pantry even though it's not what you started out to do. I'm sure it's a great feeling knowing it's done.
    God Bless,

  18. That was such a lovely message. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  19. What a great post.I too have been guilty of thinking they were once slaves, they should have been grateful, only to find myself whining about some insignificant thing.
    Thanks for sharing this timely reminder.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Annette

  20. This is so I loved the words you wrote on this post. The choice is really always ours...

    Reading this today has given me such a boost - to hold on to praise and cultivating a thankful heart.

    It does chase away the heaviness from our environment.

    I have always admired the pilgrim fathers for their thankful attitude in the midst of so much hardship.

    Happy thanksgiving to you and your family.


  21. Wonderful thoughts, Mary.

    It really is a matter of attitude, isn't it? How easy it is to grumble - and unfortunately, that can become a habit. So much better to focus on the many blessings God gives us each day. Not the least of which is His LOVE!

    I think I'm going to start using that phrase when things start to get me down - "It's only spaghetti!" I love it!

    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  22. Great post - I love Bristol's attitude. Her mom taught her well, and she's a survivor! But I really jumped on here to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. I'm thankful to our God for you!

  23. This was an excellent post Mary.

    I want to wish you and your family a very blessed Thanksgiving. :)


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