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I smiled when I heard Pat Robertson on the 700 Club make this remark: “Doesn’t everyone talk to God?” He was referring to the jab that Joy Behar gave to Christine O’Donnell, running for Senate in Delaware. Christine was asked by one of her supporters why she goes out on a limb defending her conservative Christian convictions in such a hostile campaign. “Because God told me to” she replied. And for that, Joy called her crazy because she hears from God.

The cry of my heart is to be able to hear God’s voice. When God speaks personally, there’s nothing else like it in the whole world.

I studied the 25th chapter of Genesis this week and noticed how troubled Rebekah was during her pregnancy. She said “Why is this happening to me?” She was referring to the jostling in her womb. So she went to inquire of the Lord.
And the Lord said to her:

“Two Nations are in your womb,
And two peoples from within you will be separated;
One people will be stronger than the other
And the older will serve the younger.”

I personally know the comfort of hearing God’s voice and the confidence it brings to my heart not to mention my faith level. Early on, I didn’t have the courage to believe that I could hear from God. I depended on people to speak words of knowledge to me or counsel me in my times of distress. But then I learned that as good as those things are, God wants me to talk to Him and He wants to speak to me. It’s funny now for me to remember those times. I know now that He is closer than a phone call, and so willing to be with me and listen to my cry for His help!

Do you remember the commercial “When E.F. Hutton speaks, everyone listens?” Oh, to be able to say “When God speaks, everyone listens.” We would all be bold like Christine O’Donnell and change our world with our convictions.

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  1. I was just listening to a song called " Imagine life without you(God)" by Jaci Velasquez.

    Similarly, i can't imagine it if we don't have a personal line with God where we can speak and hear directly with Him. How heavy life will be without that special connection!


  2. Amen! Like you, many years ago, I too would always hang on to every word from someone else's lips until I realized that God can and wants to speak to me too! How wonderfully freeing it was when I discovered that. And how LOVED I felt too! Thank you for your lovely post, Mary. It is always a pleasure to come visit you.


  3. God talks to me through his Word.
    Wonderful post.
    Much Blessings,

  4. Thumbs up for Christine O'Donnell. Reminds me of a verse I love to keep handy for times when they call us crazy. I like how the New Living Translation uses the right word. "If it seems we are crazy, it is to bring glory to God. And if we are in our right minds, it is for your benefit."--2 Corinthians 5:13

    If she seemed crazy to Joy Behar, she's on the right path. ;)

    Loved this post. Thanks for sharing and have a lovely weekend.

  5. The world does not understand how we "Christians" can hear God and how we also talk to HIM. It is sad . . . they do not hear HIS voice. I could not live without speaking to HIM each day. HE is my soul source for everything!!!
    In HIS Hands,

  6. I run in the woods as often as I can....just to hear His whisper in my spirit. Sometimes it's just a presence...knowing He's there.When I feel that...hear that...whatever is going on....I know it will be okay b/c He's there..Great post.

  7. Amen!
    It is the desire of my heart to hear God. How wonderful it is to be in His Presence!

  8. "The cry of my heart is to be able to hear God’s voice."

    Me, too. Thanks for sharing this.

  9. Hello, God often speaks to us, yet often we don't listen or, we think its ourselves so don't act. I have leart more and more to listen and when i do I am stunned. God Bless.

  10. Wonderful post. Thank you for sharing. Blessings.

  11. Oh--I LOVE this post!!! And He speaks to me too..I think it's just not politically correct...The next thing you know, they'll take "In God We Trust" off the dollar bill.

    I hope you're having a great day...Sending big hugs your way!!!

  12. How sad it is that the world thinks it strange to hear from God! And how blessed we are that we can hear from Him!

  13. Amen. I admire Christine O'Donnell for her courage and commitment. Joy Behar is just a joke. It's sad that she doesn't even realize it. It's people like Joy that we need to pray for. I'm praying for Christine too.

  14. This was a lovely post. Your words were so meaningful. Have a blessed day.

  15. Friend, I am going to print out your post and read it to my home girls at bible study this week. We are finishing up Joyce Meyer's book "How to Hear From God". Bless you!!

  16. oh me too, Mary! I remember growing up and my parents faith was so strong that I looked to them. When they went to heaven, it was as though my 'lifeline' left too, until God reminded me so clearly that THEIR God is also MY God, and He will never leave me...

  17. It is the most comforting thing to hear the Lord's voice - even when He is chastising me. There is a level of intimacy that comes only through that kind of special communication.

  18. You changed the Header? It's pretty!


  19. Wonderful message. His still, small voice speaks...how awesome is that?!

    I want to be like Samuel when God speaks to me, "Speak, your servant is listening." (1 Samuel 3:10)


  20. This is the cry of my heart too, to hear God's voice above the noise, the hustle and the bustle of the everyday.

    How I loved this post!

    To call someone crazy just because she hears from God! In the end, we know who will be in for a big shock.

    Thanks for these words, dear friend.

    Glad I passed this way today.


  21. Sometimes it's through His Word.
    Sometimes it's the doors that open, and those that don't.
    Sometimes it's the still small voice that I hear in my heart.

    Everytime it's precious.

    Thank you for your comment on my blog.

  22. Sometimes we just have to be reminded to slow down and listen.
    We seem to get caught up talking to Him but to be quite and just listen is so awesome.

  23. It's sad, but to boldly profess our faith and say that God speaks to us, classifies us as nuts in this world. But then again, we are not of this world. I'm so glad for my 'nutty' sisters in Christ!

  24. Beautiful post..
    Theres nothing that compares to His voice...

    Deborah xoxo

  25. Hi -

    I love this piece! It is so true. Thank you for expressing it.

    Certainly, we need to speak with GOD in spirit and in truth. He delights in those with pure hearts and clean hands.

    Thank you, Lord, for allowing us to commune with You and thank You for talking to us from heaven!


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