Eight Lofty Thoughts

The best day of this past week for me was yesterday when I worked at the office all day with my hubby. It was a cloudy, cold day and I loved being out in fall weather at lunch time running errands with him. He took me out to lunch to a Mexican restaurant that recently opened. The food was as good as the company!

The best quote I heard this week was by Susan Lapin who mentioned in her blog “It’s like having a demanding toddler with you all the time, insisting on an instant response.” She was referring to the urgency of answering her cell phone!

Speaking of toddlers….the Best Email I received this week was when my daughter sent me a photo of Susanna modeling the purse I gave her:

Now the lamb purse my mother sent her for her birthday goes well with this ensamble. Don't you think?

The best news I got this past week was when my husband’s doctor discussed his blood work. His cholesterol dropped from originally 240 to now 176. His new exercise routine at the health club is having a good effect. He still has a persistent cough and can’t taste some foods so he is being treated for a sinus condition.

The best blog post I read this past week was: At Home in Scottsdale.
I dream some day of being able to take a cruise like this with my daughters as Charlotte did! Oh, what fun it would be to meet other Christian sisters and bob on the ocean with them and my girls.

The best bumper sticker I saw this week was: If women can have PMS, then men can have ESPN.

The best surprise this past week came when a girlfriend, Lori, met with me at church on Sunday and gave me some heirlooms passed down from her grandma. I am now the proud owner of a red and white apron that says “I love you” plus hand embroidered pillow cases, plus crocheted doilies and pretty hankies! I will cherish them. Makes you feel like a lady!

The best thing I’m looking forward to this week is prayer at my church. We received the torch to pray 24/7 for one week and will be praying for our country, our state, our churches, and those who do not know Jesus. I am so proud of my state that this torch never stops but continues every day in some church in Arizona. Everybody in our congregation signs up for an hour of prayer in the sanctuary throughout the week. And they show up! I like the adventure of going to the sanctuary in the middle of the night with my husband and praying in the quiet of the church while the town is sleeping.
Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere; I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked. Psalm 84:10

I close with an invitation to visit Beth’s blog: Outnumbered, Three to One. She is celebrating her 300th post and has THE BEST give-away!


  1. How wonderful, Mary.

    The pink purse and the whole ensemble looked really cute!


  2. (I noticed on the previous comment that your name is Mary...is it OK if I call you that?)

    This was a great post - funny, touching, and inspiring - all wrapped up into one!!

    Susanna is adorable!! So glad about your husband's great results! Please do a post sometime on how that prayer week goes - sounds wonderful!

    The best surprise of this week for me - was finding you!!


  3. Susanna looks so adoreable, she is awesome.

  4. Loved the pics, good for your hubby, & what an awesome thing, to pray for a week straight! :)

  5. That's wonderful news re. your hubby's lab results!
    Susanna's eyes in that first pix?...Wow!!!

  6. Loved reading this. I got excited when you said that a new Mexican restaurant opened and then realized that you don't even live by me, but that's how much I love Mexican food. I got really excited for you! LOL!

    And the picture of her modeling the lamb purse is to cute. She is totally posing there.

    Have a fabulous day my friend.

  7. Love you favorites list :) I would have to say my favorite is the lunch date at the mexican rest. with your hubby! Or maybe the pics of Susannah or possibly the prayer time ....I know I'll just say I love them ALL!! cause I do! I would LOVE to go on a cruise with my mom and daughters~ Oh my! it would be wonderful!!

    You are one of my fav's Mary! I love you so!

  8. Love the purses and your little darlin!
    Happy about your hubbies test results...wow thats an amazing difference!!
    Good for him and yeah God!!!
    Praying with your hubby late at night together..how precious is that?!

    Deborah xoxoxo

  9. I so enjoyed reading about 8 great things of your past week, Mary. You have such a sweet gentle spirit.

    Little Susanna is beautiful...love her eyes. And she is a delightful little model of purses. :-)

    Thank you for stopping by yesterday.

  10. Darling, precious little one... especially love all of her accessories! And lunches with husbands are the best... I plan on dining with mine today.

    Thanks for your prayers and support in this season.


  11. I can see how much you love your little grand daughter. She is so adorable. What a sweet heart you have my friend.


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