San Diego Daze

Our days have been busy with fun places to enjoy with a toddler, but we have shed a few tears this past week as well. Here's some highlights.

We had a special mother-daughter outing last Saturday when Susanna spent the weekend with her dad. We went to Coronado and visited some of our favorite shops, had lunch, bought some old-fashioned candy and enjoyed the beach, too.

I always enjoy going to The Rock with Carrie and listening the Pastor Miles' sermons. After breakfast at Panera's, we went to the park in Liberty Station. Isn't it beautiful? Carrie loves to roller skate there; it's perfect.

One day last week we went to the zoo and then out to lunch at Denny's.

We visited Carrie's former neighbor, Daisy, in the nursing home. I loved seeing the faces of the elderly as we walked with Susanna, carrying her little purse and bringing joy to them.

Yesterday was sad. We got the call telling us Carrie's best friend's mother passed away. We've been praying for her for over a year. She's with Jesus; but we mourn for the family.

My days with Carrie and Susanna are fulfilling. It is a joy to share our faith together and pray together. I smile as we drive in the car talking about the Lord, forgetting the little one is in the backseat until she waits for our pause and shouts "Amen!"

Sending you lots of love from San Diego!


  1. Mary, thanks for sharing the photos! Susanna is beautiful and I love that she says AMEN! You are missed but I hope you are enjoying your time.

    Love you,

  2. Wonderful pictures ....
    Absolutely, I can feel the joy!

  3. One word ... awwwwww! The pictures are beautiful, thanks for posting. If I could, I would let the ocean becken me too just so I could personally deliver a big hug to the three generations of Piles of Smiles! Love you!

  4. I love that you shared photos. It gives people like us who may never go there a small glimpse of a new place.
    Looks like you are having fun!!!

  5. What a wonderful time!! Sure wish you had been there when we were there!!

    So sorry about your daughters friends mom!! Will be praying for all!!

    Love and Blessings

  6. Sounds simply Divine! there is nothing like being with your daughter and grand-daughter and then add in the Pastor Miles!!!WOWOWOWOW

    I am soooo happy you are there especially with the call about Carries friends mom! So sad to hear! I will be praying for this family and all who loved her.

    Give each other hugs from me! I love you Mary!

  7. Hey Mary!!

    What wonderful photos! Rejoicing with you over the wonderful time you're having with Carrie and Susanna....enjoy every moment, sweet smiling friend!!


    Love and Hugs!

  8. Sounds like a wonderful time!!!
    Looks like you are enjoying every minute of it!!
    Your family are beautiful and you too!

    Deborah xoxo

  9. Looks like you are having a wonderful time!

    Susanna is precious, and Carrie is just as beautiful as her mother! :-)

  10. Much love and many prayers, love the pictures.

  11. Aw, I LOVE San Diego! Beautiful pictures, and memories to last a lifetime.

  12. See you soon my friend. Give Susanna a BIG kiss . . . she is precious.

  13. Glad you are having a gret time. But how could you not with such a beautiful city and family!

  14. Mary,

    WOW...GOD is truly answering our prayers. Your precious Carrie and sweet Susanna look wonderful. Praying GOD continues to heal each of their hearts and work in and through their lives as only HE can. Continue to enjoy all those special moments with both of them.

    Big HUGS, lots of love and prayers, andrea


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