Friday Funnies!

Toward the end of Sunday service, the minister asked: “How many of you have forgiven your enemies?” 80% held up their hands. The minister then repeated his question. All responded this time, except one small elderly lady. “Mrs. Neely? Are you not willing to forgive your enemies?”
“I don't have any.” She replied, smiling sweetly. “Mrs. Neely, that is very unusual. How old are you?” “Ninety-eight,” she replied. The congregation stood up and clapped their hands.
“Oh, Mrs. Neely, would you please come down in front & tell all of us how a person can live ninety-eight years and not have an enemy in the world?”' The little sweetheart of a lady tottered down the aisle, faced the congregation and said, “I outlived all those bums.”

Kim and the funny ladies at Friday Funnies are ready to make you laugh this Friday so be sure to drop by! Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. I just LOVE your Friday stories! I am laughing out loud right now!! Great way to begin this Friday! :)

  2. I'm with Sonja, Mary! Your Friday Funnies always crack me up!!

    Have a blessed and filled with smiles weekend!!

    Luv, Hugs and Sweet Blessings!

  3. Where do you get your good jokes sister Mary? You never run out! And I get to enjoy 'em all every Friday! Yipee! Thank you. Especially at this time I could use some laughter...My pain is easing up a bit. But I'm still taking things slowly. Can't afford to reinjure whatever muscle I hurt! I didn't know I have a muscle there on my right shoulder. Until I hurt it! :) Thank you for your sweet thoughts and feeling all those wonderful prayers! Keeping you in mine. Have a great weekend. Oopppsss. I need to pick up my denture. It fell when I laughed!

  4. Ah Mary that is very funny. At least she is very honest.

  5. Oh THAT is funny! I love it.
    Thank you my friend.
    I hope you have a great weekend.

  6. Aw...and here I was leaning in to learn her secret! Lol!

  7. I too love your Friday Funnies!!! You are a blessing my friend.

  8. That is hilarious! Again, you always make me smile! :) You have a precious gift.

    I hope you're doing well and enjoying life as the summer winds down (and hopefully the scorching heat).

    Much love,


  9. Lol...this is too cute! Have a wonderful weekend Mary! :)

  10. Too funny!! Found you from way at Beth at Outnumbered 3 to 1 for Friday Funnies!


  11. I love to laugh! Thank you for this post!!!! It's my 'Saturday Funnies'..heehee!

  12. LOL! OK, even though I kinda saw it coming, I spewed my tea! Thanks ever so for spreading the joy!

    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^


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