A Family Recipe!

My brother-in-law, Eduardo, sent me one of his favorite recipes last week. He and my sister, Judy, are so much fun to cook and bake with in the kitchen. I'm featuring "Chicken Piccata" today on my cooking blog, Kitchen Favorites through the Years. They tell me it's real easy, so that makes it a popular supper idea for me!


  1. Hey sweetie, I have really missed you. I love you.

  2. Oh yum!

    I do believe I'm supposed to weigh 190 pounds, Mary. I love to cook; and I love to eat what I cook, or what anyone else cooks too.

    Thanks for sharing such lusciuos fare!


  3. Mary, I didn't remember that you had a cooking blog. I checked it out though and it looks like you have some good recipes to try.

    I finally got on the treadmill today so maybe I can indulge a bit.

    Hugs to you,

  4. Hiii .... glad to see your blog, I am a blogger Indonesia. Welcome stranger!

  5. Oh, I'm such a slacker ... never realized you had another blog, Mary! This looks so yummy!
    For sure, I'm checking out your offerings with DH -- he's the chef in our household, while I struggle to boil eggs. :)


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