Spiritual Sunday

Happy Fourth of July to all of you this weekend. I'm thinking of our country's great beginning, built upon the Word of God. My daughter, Amy, sent me this great message by Tamara Lowe. You may have heard it. I can hear it again and again! I'm praying for Amy this week. I will be taking her to the hospital this coming Thursday, July 8th, for a biopsy on her thyroid. She is a registered nurse and believes in God's healing for her and others.

Special thanks to Ginger and Charlotte who host Spiritual Sundays!


  1. I have heard this before but it's always good. I just came from your daughter's post. I will pray for her too.

  2. This is the first time I've seen this video Mary. Thanks for posting the truth. I pray all goes well with the biopsy.

    Have a fun weekend. So thankful for our freedoms.

    Love you and hope to see you soon,

  3. Praying for your daughter health. God bless you. (With my Georgia drawl, I could never talk as fast as that video!)

  4. I will be lifting dear Amy in prayer sis, love you.

  5. Isn't Tamara Lowe great?!

    I, too, faced a thyroid biopsy many years ago ... a portion was successfully removed. Yes, I recall the fear ... but mostly, I recall everyone's prayers.

    I'm holding Amy and all of you in my prayers!

  6. I talk fast sister Mary but I surely can't "rap" like this! I love seeing it again and again, too! Praying for your daughter.May the Lord be with you as she goes for her procedure and praying for His healing and protection on all of you. Love and blessings and Happy Independence weekend!

  7. :) Yes, I have seen this before but everytime it still brings a smile to my face. So creative and what she says is sooooo true!
    Will pray for Amy. My hubby is battling cancer, and I don't wish it on anyone. God bless.

  8. Thank you all for the prayers.
    Much appreciated! God Bless You & Happy 4th!


  9. LOVE this!!

    Praying for Amy and believing w/her for healing!

    Love and Hugs and I pray you and yours have a blessed and safe 4th!!

  10. This is a great video! It was so nice having your daughter post with us today, what a wonderful surprise.

  11. I heard this and love it...and can hear it over and over and over. Happy 4th of July...and me too...just came from your daughter's post and praying for her

  12. This is good. I'm praying for Amy too. It helps so much to know God is in control. I feel sorry for those who do not have this assurance.
    Blessings to you today (and every day).

  13. Great video. Happy 4th to you dear one. Blessings.

  14. That was great. Praying for your daughter's healing and for a good report ~ Blessings ~

  15. That is such a powerful testimony. I love it. Thanks for sharing it today. Sending up a prayer right now for your daughter...

  16. I love this every time I see it!! Thanks for sharing precious friend.

    Praying for you and your family with much love!!

  17. I've seen this before, but it was great to see it again!

    God bless your daughter! I pray God guides the doctor's hands and everything UNHEALTHY be removed in the Name of Jesus.

    May God bless you with great peace.


  18. Hey Mary!

    I've had Amy on my heart and continue to pray!

    He is Faithful!!

    Luv, Hugs and Sweet Blessings!
    PS......I love the video!!

  19. Have a freedom-filled week; one filled with hope & joy!



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