Spiritual Sundays ~ Naming the Plants!

But when the Holy Spirit controls our lives, He will produce love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control
Galatians 5:22

The last box was unpacked and we were amazed at how everything easily fit into place at Carrie's duplex. The fun of decorating this last week led us to thrift stores and garage sales. We chose a retro theme and got excited when we found a tablecloth and throw pillows in rich colors of burnt orange and olive greens to go with the dark wood. We finished our theme with new plants we found at the corner market: trailing pathos and a four foot Palm. This morning we purchased an unusual succulent at a garage sale.

I've been studying Galatians this week and suggested that we name the new plants after the fruits of the Holy Spirit. I've been reading a book about worship. The author wrote about how she wanted to trade in her harsh personality trait for a more gentle one so she worshipped God for His attribute of gentleness. It worked!

The guys who sold us the succulent remarked at how prolific it had become just recently! We named that one "love." There is always room for more love! Love makes a home.
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  1. I love that you're naming the plants after the fruits of the Spirit. Have a great weekend. Sarah

  2. That is a great idea sister Mary! To name each plant for the fruits of the Spirit. Not only are they beautiful but what a great reminder to see them to have our roots be planted in His love and grow into His likeness. Have a blessed weekend to you and God bless and protect you, sister Carrie and the rest of the family!

  3. Oh, this is a wonderful idea, Mary! Heretofore, my "green thumb" skills have been sorely lacking .... but thinking this way has reawakened my sense of possibility.
    Thank you, and have a blessed day!
    Love ya,

  4. That is such a sweet idea sis, love you.

  5. That is a wonderful idea. Last week, for our weekly Bible study together, my husband and I read about the fruit of the Spirit. I like the authors idea of worshipping a particular attribute of God in order to better develop that within her own life.

    Good to see your post, Mary.

  6. I really love this idea! A good visual always helps something stick with me. I think I'll name my hydrangeas JOY!!


  7. Looks succulent and great way to remind us.
    Beautiful post.
    God bless.


  8. What a great idea for naming your plants.. Good reminder and all...Enjoyed your post...God bless.

  9. What a great idea! It sounds like you have had a fun week.

  10. That is such a wonderful idea Mary!

    I pray Carrie will feel God's love flowing through her life and her home.

    Bless you!

  11. I enjoy decorating and enjoyed your description in this post, especially naming the plants. Thank you for sharing it with us. BTW I really like your header too.

  12. Fun story. Thanks for sharing.

  13. What a wonderful idea and no doubt these plants will grow grow grow! Love too how the LORD has blessed you with some great deals and led you to bargains as well :) Isn't HE just awesome that way!!

    Isn't it just amazing that when we put on the Garment of Praise it honestly tears down that spirit of heaviness, or depression, or negativity! I love that!

    Love you Mary and please give Carrie and your sweet grandbaby a hug for me

  14. And I will make an everlasting covenant with them: I will never stop doing good for them. I will put a desire in their hearts to worship me, and they will never leave me.
    Jeremiah 32:40 (New Living Translation)
    Thanks for all your help at my new place!

  15. Love the plants. Such a good pic, too! So glad Carrie's new place is working out. And such a good idea to name them after the fruits of the Spirit.

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. Have a great weekend!


  16. I love how you bring it all back to the Word. What lessons both Carrie and you are learning. I hate the trials but I learn most in the midst of them.



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