Ten on Tuesday!

1. Last night we enjoyed a meaningful Passover Seder with our kids who live locally. My daughter’s camera was on the fritz so this is the only pic that materialized! I’m so grateful for the blessings of family and this wonderful tradition we started 27 years ago.

2. I’m praising God for a husband with a heart for Israel and our Jewish roots. I appreciate our teamwork as we set the order of the Seder on our dining room table along with all the help in the kitchen preparing the special meal. He barbecued lamb and made the carrots. I made the rice, salad and homemade chicken soup with matzo balls.

3. I’m praising God for Skype! Even Susanna was able to observe some things all the way in San Diego! I purchased a board book explaining the Passover and she loves it! Her favorite part is the parting of the Red Sea. Some day I will tell her all about the deliverance that Jesus brings.
4. Today I am laundering white tablecloths with red wine and grape juice stains. My daughter is amazed how I can get them clean and presentable year after year. I’m pondering how Jesus removes our sin stains as far as the east is from the west.

5. My husband and I have this cutesy thing we do when the seasons change. On the first day of spring, he walked into my office at work and presented me with some yellow daisies, my favorite flower. I surprised him with Bedhead’s Small Talk for his spiky, textured spring haircut!

6. We attended a meeting at church last Sunday regarding the outreach we are planning on Easter for the Sunday service at the High School. We are inviting the whole town. I love our young pastor and his team of young, enthusiastic leaders. I am planning to be one of the greeters handing out programs (not bulletins in this case, too churchy) and for sure I’ll be flashing my best smile. My husband learned that one of the ushers on his team will be doing something else….he’ll be the Easter bunny twisting balloons and playing with the kiddos. I'll have my camera!

7. My girlfriend, Marlene, flew back home to Chicago. What a friend. Last week, she offered to help me begin a scrapbook project. I’m a 3 on a scale of creativity, 10 being high. She took time out of her day and helped me organize my stash and got me going in a simple style that even I can do. I was so grateful. People like me get stuck and all it ever takes is one confident person who knows what they’re doing to organize you and give you pointers. Someday I will have to show you my work of art that I'm starting, an album of Susanna’s babyhood.

It was so good being with Marlene, and her 95 year-old mother. They visited me at my office where all my scrapbooking loot is. We laughed and ate lunch together. I made a big pot of Chicken Taco Soup. You know it’s a hit when you are asked for the recipe.

8. I learned Susanna is coming for the Easter holiday. Papa and I learned that “Easter baskets are out” since she isn’t given sugar yet, but yesterday we were shopping and I found the cutest bright turquoise pail and shovel she can take to the beach! Any suggestions what I can fill it with for this almost 18 month old?

9. Let it go down in history that Susanna ate her first peanut butter/jelly sandwich! Her mommy sent me this cute picture.

10. Life Group on Friday will be different. Usually we discuss the sermon, but this Friday we are gathering just to pray. Just like in the book of Acts, we are gathering in the leader’s home to pray and break bread together. Being Good Friday, it should be a powerful time!


  1. I wish the church would pattern themselves after the church in the book of Acts. What your group is doing sounds so encouraging.

    I support this blog by being a follower.

  2. I love learning about you, and I love you.

  3. Can I come live with you? Wow...you are absolutely awesome! I would love to learn more about the Jewish history and how you celebrate the Passover. I never really learned about it. Sounds so meaningful. Your daughter is beautiful.
    You have a precious relationship with your man!
    You are such a Godly woman and your church is blessed to have you as you minister to them!
    The more I learn about you too, I am ever so grateful you found me and my blog so we could connect.
    Much love today to you! Thanks for sharing today. It has warmed my heart. (And I would also love your Taco Soup recipe!!!)

  4. Mary, what a special special lady you are. I love to visit your blog because of your sweetness...and how it must be spending a sweet fragrance to the Lord because of the way you interact with others, bringing glory to His holy name!

    Blessings to you, my friend, for the remainder of this very holy week!


  5. Well, I got our Savannah some bubbles, hair-bows, and a new bubble tray that you can lift the stick and swipe through the air...much easier for the younger ones to use than "blowing" bubbles. You could also add some cute socks! We try to be more practical and we also don't give Savannah very many unhealthy things to eat.
    Blessings, hugs, and lots of prayers,

    PS: I know you are going to have a blast with Susanna during Easter!

  6. Everything in the list is awesome! They brought a smile, number by number...Until I got to Susanna's picture. What a cutie! And I'm glad that you'll see her! I know she'll love that pail and shovel, with San Diego having many beaches and perfect weather! How about plastic cookie cutters she can put in the pail to mold the sand in different shapes? I'm not sure anymore what interest that kind of age, my son being a teenager now. And me, being 90....that's really a big gap! Take care sister Mary. You sound like an amazing chef!!! God bless and have a blessed week!

  7. What a wonderful list! Your daughter looks like her Mommy. :o) Beautiful.

    That sure is a cutie eating that sandwich!

    Happy Resurrection Day my friend!

    Bless you!

  8. This sounds like so much fun. Just stopping by when you can and learning something you never knew just enhances your world view that much more. I love the suggestions that Andrea gave for the contents of the bucket. These sound perfect

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  9. Mary,
    I wanted to come here to visit again today, just to thank you for your encouraging comment you left me about helping women. It means a lot to know that you will be praying. I will share more as God gives me more. I would have loved to heard the lady who spoke at your church recently. I know a lady who has the same passion for the group of women that you mentioned. She's truly amazing!

  10. Love you my smiling friend! What a beautiful time you shared together and...I can't believe how big Susanna is getting. My what a sweet and precious one she is.

    Praying always for you and your family.

    {{{Big Hugs}}}

  11. I really need to try out Skype! I heard it is great! I enjoyed your 10!

  12. You are very blessed. By the way, you missed a great get together on Saturday. It is an awful long way for you to drive though. I thought it was a long way for me. lol

  13. Life group? I think that's like what we call 'Cell-Group' over here. I serve as a guitarist and i love them so very dearly!

    Love the analogy of the wine stains on the linen and the 'sinner's stain'..

  14. A great ten for Tuesday. :) Hugs from Colorado Springs.

  15. Hello Miss Yellow Daisy! Enjoyed your post. Good luck to the "Easter Bunny" guy this Sunday at church! I LOVE that Miss Marlene has got you going into scrapbook land ... show me some pics sometime! Enjoy Susanna this weekend, maybe fill the pail with PBJ stuff?! LOL


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