Ten on Tuesday!

1. I feel so blessed. My friend, Peggy, who is always taking pictures, helped me re-design my blog. She found this beautiful photo of a butterfly she took. It is now my header and perfect for my spring makeover. I just love it.

2. I got a love package from my mother in Chicago. I am now the owner of a Bacon Genie and a cookie scoop.

3. I asked my husband and daughter if they saw my new blog design, and they told me they haven’t viewed my blog in weeks. Pretty bad when your family doesn’t even read it. We all laughed so hard at that one. Even if no one reads my words, it is so great to have a place to journal on my PC and stick a few photos of Peggy’s with it! Very therapeutic.

4. My girlfriend, Glenda, suggested I listen to her CD Series: Bitterness, Resentment and Unforgiveness by Joyce Meyer so that I can get a handle on some anger issues. Now that’s a friend. I find that these teachings cut to the chase.

5. My favorite TV commercial is for the modern Kohler faucet that extends in three sections and looks like a crane. The setting is Italy and three Italian guys ask the same girl to marry them because she cooks well. But she marries the Kohler faucet guy who is 12 inches shorter than her. It is so funny!

6. My friend, Marlene, is visiting from Chicago. Her mom and sis live in Sedona and they are close friends with my daughter, Amy. After church on Sunday we all went out to Murphy’s Grille for lunch. Murphy’s is known for their “Signature Pot Pies.” Yum!

7. We are getting excited about Easter Sunday at our church. Our pastor keeps saying it is not about us since we all know what the Resurrection means, but it’s about sharing Jesus with our community. We are planning one service and it will be held at the high school auditorium in town! It’s going to be huge! It is taking everybody in our congregation to do something for this service to pull this off.

8. I tried out my new cookie scoop and made homemade peanut butter cookies. My simple, tried and true recipe for years is posted on my cooking blog. It is so easy!

9. Scripture on my calendar this morning: Psalm 27:5-- “For in the time of trouble He shall hide me in His pavilion; In the secret place of His tabernacle He shall hide me. He shall set me high upon a rock.

10. Prayer: Father, bless every reader who visits here today. You know each heart’s request. May your kingdom come and may your will be done in each life. Most importantly, may You be glorified. Amen.


  1. OH I just happened to drop in, so happy I did. I am a real newbit to all of this, so many blogs! Love your blog, it's truly wonderful

  2. Love the photo on your blog--it's perfect for Spring!

    Enjoyed getting to read a little about your life too!

  3. My family doesn't always read or look at my blog, either. If I let it bother me I would stay in a tizzzzy! I love your new look...love the butterfly. Butterflies symbolize new life and well....they are sooo special to me...what sweet reminders when GOD allows me to watch them flutter about.
    Hugs, andrea

  4. What a great list to read! I have to say that I'm loving your new look Mary. Still praying.

    Love you,

  5. What's a cookie scoop? I think I should probably have one.

    Sounds delicious.


  6. Love the new header sis Mary! I love butterflies because it reminds me how we need to die, in order to become beautiful [die to ourselves and let the Spirit take over]...That's a nice pic of you and friends and your daughter!

    God bless.

  7. I love your new header too, your cute pictures and the thoughts you shared. Joyce's teachings are Biblical and wonderful I'm sure. My family does not read my blog either.
    Blessings ~

  8. Hi Precious Friend,

    Year header is indeed perfect for Spring...such beauty in color and I love butterflies. They are so graceful...just as you are!

    I loved reading through your list. A couple of my family members read my blog and I am in agreement with you when you said that it is a great place to journal...I feel the same way.

    Your pictures are lovely and your smile...it makes me smile every time.

    My heart and prayers are with you my friend...always.


  9. Great list. I bet those CD's of Joyce will surely be wonderful. Thanks for sharing dear.

  10. My family never looks at my blog. I write articles for the local newspaper, and they don't read those either. That's okay, I'm just grateful that I'm close to all my kids. God is so good!

  11. Hey Mary!

    Love the new spring header!! I have the itch to change mine too.....your change really inspires me!!

    Love the list and encouraged me to learn that I'm not alone regarding family not always reading my blog.

    You're a blessing! Continuing to pray for you and yours!!

    He is Faithful!!
    Love and Sweet Blessings!

  12. Keep the Ten coming....so fun! And by the way...for some reason my button is not working....I must have done something incorrectly...but anyway..thanks for trying to post my button on your page...I ALWAYS love it when you stop by..and I am blessed when I get to stop by your 'place'. You are awesome, my sister in Christ!

  13. I don't think Amy or Dad read my blog either but I read every post you write Mom! I love it when you post pictures of my sweet Susanna!

  14. I loved this list. It's as random as my thinking process, so I immediately identified!

    My family the same... once in awhile they read my blog, mostly not.

    The cookie scoop sounds fun, but then I'm afraid I'd be baking cookies all the time! And eating them.

    Loved your butterfly! I need to change my page too, but last time it was so tedious that I keep putting it off.

    Also the book by J.M. sounds really good. I think I've read or heard some excerpts.

    Have a great week... it was fun to visit this morning!



  15. Oh Mary! I love your new look!! Nothing says SPRING like a butterfly :)
    Joyce can cut to the chase like no other!! You can also be thankful for that Melancholy personality of yours too for those issues going slowly! Our life coach always reminded me of this:
    "Loren, your forgiveness is quick and done but Brian's forgiveness is like filling a bathtub .one.drip.at.a.time **SIGH**

    I love you my friend! so much

  16. I love the new look and how it is transforming. Love it when you do these ten on tuesday posts too because it seems like you share a lot of what is going on in your life. It is fun knowing you a bit more. :)

  17. Just wanted to drop by and thank you for visiting today! You are an encourager!

  18. Oh precious sister, I love this post for 10 great reasons!!! Thank you for sharing.

    Love your blog look. My family doesn't always read my blogs either (smile). Good friend to recommend that series to you...blessings dear friend.


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