The Night My Online Friends Came to Life

We do not have a fancy name. We’re simply a church “life group” that meets on Friday nights to discuss the notes from our pastor’s Sunday sermon. We are anything but simple and ordinary, however.

I’ll never forget our first meeting last fall. To my amazement, our leader, Jeannie, looked so familiar to me but I knew I had never met her. Then it dawned on me. She is a spitting image of all the pictures I’ve seen of Kay on her Dream Big blog. She acts like her, too, being outgoing, talkative and sings!

And Rosel from Off the Beaten Trek is there too. Glenda commutes to California to work in a correctional facility. I love Glenda, probably because she reminds me so much of Rosel!

In Hebrew the phrase “to life” is L’Chaim. The Jewish phrase means that life is very valuable. Life is not taken lightly but we thank God for it; it is precious. These are my sentiments when I think or our Friday night life group. I love these dear brothers and sisters in the Lord. These also are my sentiments when I think of my on-line blogging friends who make my life rich with their friendship and their life-giving writing! God has truly blessed me.


  1. This is absolutely PRECIOUS!

    Thanks for sharing and love all those big beautiful smiles...must be the love of JESUS!!!

    Love you dear sister.

  2. Isn't it wonderful to have such precious brothers and sisters in Christ. Love the beautiful faces with all the glowing smiles. Hugs, Marty

  3. So sweet! I was so excited, "Rosel is there?" then I realized what you meant. Ha.


  4. How awesome to get together. You all look like you were having a great time. Love your smile Mary.


  5. How cool and everyone looks so happy and joyful!
    Looks like a fun group!

  6. WOW...what a blessing! I praise GOD for this group. I praise GOD for you! Thank you for being a great friend and prayer warrior.
    Big hugs, love, and prayers,

    BTW: Sitka has an award for you at All Gods Creatures.

  7. Thank you sister Glenda!!!! Because of you, I met with an awesome sister :)

    That's an awesome picture of your "life group" or "home fellowship" sister Mary. But I thought you had met with some bloggy friends again. Like when you did it with some of AZ bloggers.

    But that's one thing neat about the Lord. Thanks be to His Spirit that it doesn't matter whether we have met in person or not. Because of His love and unity that we, His children share, it always feel like we have known each other well. And boy, am I so grateful that I blogged when He wanted me to. Because He rewarded me with so many awesome friends and siblings in His precious Name!

    Thank you sincerely for thinking of your online friends! Thank you for your prayers. Love you sister Mary.

  8. Aww Mary this is precious! What a wonderful group you have and i love how you see others in them but it is Christ in all of them!! How wonderful

    You are such a blessing ~ I love you my friend

  9. My Beautiful Smiling Sister,

    This picture of your life group is wonderful...I must say you all are such a happy group. Your smile as well as your husband's just radiates across your faces...absolutely beautiful Mary.

    I bet you have some awesome times together and great group discussions.

    Love you,

  10. Such a sweet post, bless you. I love you.

  11. That is a great picture Mary. You do all look so happy! It is so neat how sometimes the people that I have met in person remind me of some of my blogging friends too. I have even had dreams of some of my friends from blogland. That is so cool because all I have to go by is what pictures they show on their blog and what they share on their blog about themselves to create them in the reality of my dreams. That just goes to show how much we are moved by the friends that we make here because so much of our hearts are shared with each other.

  12. I am SO enjoying catching up on your blog! Your insight and keen senses for God's love is amazing to me, and I will be forever blessed and better because of it.


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