Friday Funnies

A man is dining in a fancy restaurant and there is a gorgeous redhead sitting at the next table. He has been checking her out since he sat down, but lacks the nerve to talk with her. Suddenly she sneezes, and her glass eye comes flying out of its socket toward the man. He reflexively reaches out, grabs it out of the air, and hands it back.

'Oh my, I am so sorry,' the woman says as she pops her eye back in place. 'Let me buy your dinner to make it up to you,' she says. They enjoy a wonderful dinner together, and afterwards they go to the theatre followed by drinks. They talk, they laugh, she shares her deepest dreams and he shares his. She listens.

After paying for everything, she asks him if he would like to come to her place for a nightcap and stay for breakfast.. They had a wonderful, wonderful time....

The next morning, she cooks a gourmet meal with all the trimmings... The guy is amazed. Everything had been SO incredible!
'You know,' he said, 'you are the perfect woman. Are you this nice to every guy you meet?'

'No,' she replies. . .

Wait for it. .

It's coming. .

The suspense is killing you, isn't it?

She says:

'You just happened to catch my eye.'

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  1. The guy must be blind, too for saying that "she's a perfect gal!" How can she be perfect when her eye just flew? :)
    Thank you for making me laugh. Dec. is a hard month for me as both of my parents died on the same month.So, this month gives me mixed emotions.
    I pray all went well with your daughter. May God bless you always and keep you. Love you in Christ.

  2. Here is my sweet friend....I miss you. I pray that all is well in your world. Love to see your smile on this blog. It always brightens my day.
    Blessings, hugs, and prayers,

  3. Oh that's funny!!!
    Happy Friday!

  4. My Sweet Friend,

    I just read this in the wee hours of the morning and you certainly made me laugh my head off. It's just what I needed even if it is very, very late for me. I just had to stop by and say hello to you. I so miss my friends when I'm not able to get on the computer or get around to all the sites that I would like...but yours my friend, is an absolute must read.

    Love you bunches,

  5. You have an award at arise 2 write.

  6. :) ok the suspense was killing me! LOL


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