Visiting The Rock

I've been curious about Rock Church in San Diego since I watched Mike Huckabee feature it on his show last July.

My daughter attends this mega church, Rock Church, and I was amazed at the 3500 seat auditorium that fills up for five services on Sundays. This multi-ethnic sea of people congregate around the vision of Pastor Miles McPherson, the former professional football player turned pastor. I counted 73 outreach ministries in the church bulletin that you can choose from to reach the city of San Diego!

Yesterday, Pastor Miles spoke about The Spoken Word, Rhema. My favorite point that he made was that God is never separated from His Word, unlike we humans who may say something false or even half true and then deny it when confronted. God, on the other hand, always backs up what He says and it is the truth. Also, we were reminded that He is always present in it when His Word is spoken or read!

My favorite scripture was Ezekiel 12:25:
For I am the Lord. I speak and the word which I speak will come to pass. It will no more be postponed for in your days, O rebellious house, I will say the Word and perform it."

Imagine God, who cannot lie, agreeing to perform His Word to those of us who dare to believe it! Awesome.

Rock Church was a great experience for me as the
website beckons. And the frosting on the cake was that Susanna loved the nursery!


  1. Thank you for posting about this. I would really like to visit that church someday---and may. Thanks for dropping by yesterday and leaving a comment. Have a great week.

  2. Are you a local California girl??? If so, we may just have to make plans to meet! I would love to visit this church as the previous Miss California was a solid member of and also defended her faith against those in the beauty pageant world that sought to defame her with their comments about her opinion on marriage.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. It's so fun to find other new grandmothers in blogging land. Be back to visit again.

    Lee Ann

  4. Mary, that sounds like an incredible church. I grew up in San Diego, but I don't think it was there that many years ago. I am so glad that you got to attend and were blessed by the message. Hugs, Marty

  5. What a great message! You know the gospel is so simple and we make it soo difficult! I am thinking to do a post on this later!
    Glad Susanna loves the nursery! That TRULY is icing on the cake....peace for all to hear and see what the LOrd has for them :)

    love you Mary

  6. Glad that you liked that church...And thank you for sharing that reminder that God does not change nor He lies...Amen!

    Sister Mary, thank you for everything, all your petitions. My son is a whole lot better today. The dr. still took him off of school for this week, just to get his strength back. But praise the Lord! No more headaches! No more dizziness this afternoon. I know it will come to pass...But I know that He is always near and is there for us. Love you sister and have fun in San Diego!!!Mission Beach is awesome, Coronado,etc...etc...

  7. Sounds like a larger version of the church I attend. Awesome!

  8. It's amazing how God speaks to us in varied settings. And no doubt His true, abiding, sure word is among the precious reminders He gives you at this point in life. It's such a solid rock against the fact that all other ground is sinking sand.


  9. That looks like an awesome church. I watched the anniversary video pictures. I'm glad there is a great church like that in CA.

  10. What an awesome experience! Whenever I have the opportunity to participate in something like that, I think of Heaven and what it is going to be like to sing in that choir! Gives me joy bumps! Also, praise God for nurseries!


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