Yesterday I celebrated my 38th wedding anniversary! My husband is in AZ and I am in San Diego, but my daughter had a good idea. She said I should celebrate 38 reasons why I love this man! So here goes...I love my husband because...

1. He loves the Lord.

2. He keeps his marriage vows.

3. He is a loving husband and dad.

4. He honors his parents.

5. He honors my parents.

6. He works hard for a living.

7. He listens.

8. He takes out the garbage.

9. He maintains the home repairs.

10. He has a great sense of humor.

11. He prays for me and our family.

12. He loves our granddaughter.

13. He is a tither and a giver.

14. He is creative.

15. Life is an adventure with him.

16. He serves the Lord in our church and community.

17. He is a great cook.

18. He maintains the yard.

19. He encourages my friendships with women.

20. He is handsome.

21. He loves Israel, the apple of God's eye.

22. He is a good researcher.

23. He loves animals.

24. He loves to travel.

25. He reads the Bible.

26. He cares about the poor.

27. He maintains my car.

28. He is a great teacher.

29. He loves music.

30. He manages his office well and respects his co-workers.

31. He participates in family traditions.

32. He puts up and takes down the Christmas lights.

33. He critiques my writing.

34. He affirms me.

35. He loves life.

36. He goes grocery shopping with me!

37. He is a problem solver.

38. He has put up with me for 38 years!


  1. I praise GOD with you for the wonderful husband you have been blessed with! Love your 38 reasons. I will just bet you could have named 38 more!
    Beautiful picture of you both with your furry know I would notice the furry one!
    Blessings and prayers, andrea

  2. Oh congratulations, what a blessing to have been married for 38 yrs. Your 38 reasons are all fabulous, shows the true picture of a godly man. Congratulations again. Hugs, Marty

  3. I'd say he's a keeper! He IS handsome, too! Happy Anniversary! Way to go! Good picking!

  4. Happy Anniversary. Almost all if not all of these could be said about my husband too. Although since we've been married 51 years I guess I would have to come up with a few more reasons. LOL. I don't think it would be hard to do.

  5. Oh, Happy Anniversary sister Mary to both of you! I don't think no.38 is true because you are a sweet, loving woman and I think it's not him putting up with you but I think it's him loving you for a lot of reasons he saw in you himself!!! That's a beautiful pic of you together!

    May you have a wonderful weekend and God bless you both with many more years. Thank you for your prayers sister mary. Love you.

  6. Oh Mary! That was beautiful! Happy Anniversary! Congratulations!

  7. My Sweet Friend,

    Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful, beautiful picture of both of you. You are blessed with a wonderful, loving husband as he is blessed with such a loving, caring, beautiful wife. I love the 38 reasons why you love your husband. That was such a good idea of your daughter's.

    I want you to know my sweet and precious friend that I am deeply, deeply praying. There have been troubled times here with physical stuff and other things, but in the midst of everything, I am praying fervently for you and so many others.

    I love you my dear sweet sister Mary and again, Happy, Happy Anniversary!

    Love, Hugs and Prayers,

  8. Mary,

    Happy Anniversary!!! What a beautiful tribute to your husband! He would have to be pretty special to have caught your eye so many years ago!
    This is an example of a godly marriage and one that the Lord has blessed abundantly! What a blessing!!

    Give your daughter a hug and ask her to hug you back from me ok :) I love you so very much and am praying continually!

  9. Mary, what a gem! I love those 38 reasons. Happy Anniversary to you two. And I'm praying. Please give Carrie a hug from me.

  10. What a great idea your daughter had. Thank you for sharing, thank you for THANKING GOD!

  11. I love this, Mary!
    Last Valentine's Day I was kind of "broke" and out of ideas ... then, thought to write a list of 100 reasons I love DH. THAT was harder than I first thought. In fact, I'm wishing you were my "ghost writer!" What a lovely tribute to your Love!


  12. No wonder your marriage has endured! You describe a man worthy of respect, and for me that's a HUGE factor in not only remaining married, but doing so with sustained passion and love.

    Happy Anniversary! You're a great example to those that follow.


  13. Oh how wonderful my friend. And Happy Anniversary. My parents 56th was yesterday. I posted about it because it's just unheard of these days.
    I pray for many many more wonderful years!!

  14. Wow! Congratulations. Good, good words. Very, very encouraging. Makes me want to be a better man.

  15. Congrats sweetie. Such a wonderful, and loving list.

  16. I'm sorry I missed saying Happy Anniversary to you and your husband.

    What a beautiful list! May you see even 38 more beautiful years together and then some!!!

    Praise the LORD!

    Love you and congratulations and blessings!

  17. Belated congrats! When you are done with this man, you need to pass him around! :) Well, if he was a bloggin' man, I'm sure he would say the same wonderful attributes about his wonderful wife! Continued blessings upon your marriage, my friends.


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