Thankful Thursday ~ Moms

The topic Lynn chose for us today is thanking God for our Moms! Mine lives 1800 miles away and I miss her and thank God for her.

Ginger is 94. Ginger is not her birth name, but she loves it, so why not? At 94, does it matter? There are so many things that she taught me in life. I'll name a few:

1. Her gift of hospitality turned our little home into a haven of homemade meals and baked goods. You would feel so welcome there.

2. Ginger prays with all her heart for her family and friends. She loves the house of God.

3. She loves my children with a passion and enjoys hearing about their lives.

If I could emulate two things about Ginger it would be her sense of humor and her determination. A few years ago, she took a nasty fall and the neighbor freaked out with all the blood on her face. When I called the hospital, my Mom's reply to me was "You should have seen the other guy!" When I purchased email for her at 90, she was frustrated. She was determined to communicate with me so she never gave us learning the keyboard and the program!

My children gave me the best Mother's Day gift this year: a plane ticket to Illinois to visit Mom in two weeks! I am thankful!

I'm eager to visit Lynn at Spiritually Unequal Marriage and read the writings today of those who are thankful for their mothers.


  1. Oh, I am so happy for you! It's awesome that you're going to visit your mother! She sounds like such a wonderful, loving person! You are blessed!

    I, too, am blessed with a lovely mother. She lives about five hours from me, but I still do not see her very often.

    She is 77, but feeble, which greatly saddens me. I love her dearly. She used to have a yard filled with all sorts of gorgeous roses, and she planted one for each person in the family.

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful thoughts. Many blessings in Christ to you.


  2. Your mom sounds like a wonderful woman; still so full of life! I love her outlook on life. You must have inherited much from her. You are a pile of smiles. And I always seem to smile when I visit you.

  3. Thanks for sharing about your mom. Happy Thankful Thursday!

  4. What a beautiful message and you both look beautiful! Thank you for sharing a part of your Mom with us.

    Love you and Happy Mother's Day.

  5. What a blessing. My Mom is only 15 years older than I am. My grandmother raised me and died when I was 12 yrs. old. My Mom never really grew up. I am at peace with our seemingly strange relationship, but it does seem strange when most of my friends have healthy relationships with their mothers. My mother doesnt realize there is a problem. She just doesnt know how to be a mother. I forgave her long ago, but sometimes it is a bit sad.
    Much love, hugs, blessings, and prayers, andrea

  6. How awesome is that?! I am so glad you're going to visit. She sounds like a wonderful Mother. Happy Thankful Thursday!

  7. That's a nice pic of you and your mom! "94" but she surely doesn't sound like she is at heart :)
    God is good...I'm glad that you get to see her this Mother's Day. Your children are very thoughtful to do that! My mom had passed away in Dec. 2000. I miss her but I'm looking forward to seeing her someday. Because of the Lord's wonderful promise, I have a "hope" I'm clinging to, to be reunited with her. God is awesome!
    God bless sister Mary. Love u in Christ.

  8. That is so precious. My Mom would be 96 now but she has been gone for almost 10 years. I miss her so much. She was always a best friend to me. I'm so glad you still have your Mom and that you are going to get to go see her. Give her a hug for all of us, your blogging friends. I think it is so neat she was determined to learn how to e-mail. I know people in their 60s who won't even try it.

  9. My mother's been gone now 35 years. I miss her still, but as Mother's Day nears each year, I replay memories that are as vivid now as they were when she walked among us. Mothers never die.

    You are a wise daughter to cherish your mother as you do. And how wonderful you'll spend time with her.

    Thank you for the lovely post, and equally lovely reminder.


  10. Such a sweet, sweet post. Bless you dear.

  11. Well dear friend, now we know where you get some of your humor from. The picture of you and your mom is so beautiful and it is absolutely wonderful that your children bought you plane tickets to go and visit her. Cherish the times that you have with her as I know you do and will. My mom passed away in Dec. 2005. We were the best of friends and oh so very close. I miss her dearly. No matter how she was feeling when she was ill she would always say, "Nancy it doesn't do any good to cry about it, we have to laugh instead."...and she was absolutely right. She would lift me up and we would laugh so much together despite how she felt.

    Moms...they are the greatest friends in the world and will always remains close at heart.

    Love you,

  12. Advanced Happy Mother's Day to you sister Mary! God bless. love you in Christ-Rosel

  13. WOW, a trip out my way ... sorta. I'm excited for you and your momma. I loved seeing the picture of you two beauties!


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