Silver Sprinkles are Contagious

I had a wonderful Easter weekend. Reading so many blogs about the crucifixion and resurrection prepared my heart for a very special experience at church on Sunday morning. Each Easter blog post that I read this weekend seemed to build upon another. It takes time to write posts and I am so grateful to bloggers who poured out their passionate hearts and shared some aspect of their faith in Jesus. It built up mine.

At church on Sunday, the music was wonderful, the sermon was great and friends were all around to share in the worship. My heart was ready and open in an amazing way. I found myself weeping I was so filled up on the inside and my husband wondered if I was okay.

I wore a new blouse on Easter that had an unusual effect. It had tiny little sprinkles of silver shavings in the material. The blouse sheds! Here I am with a close friend, Mary Jane, and you can see my silver sprinkled blouse. When I hugged my friends, some sprinkles got on them; I hope they can take a joke! Sprinkles were all over my chair and when I got home, I noticed sprinkles on my arms and even one on my face! I mention this because it parallels the way I feel about the effect of blogger friends in my life. Your written words have a lot of power leaving me with so much life in them to ponder and to apply long after I leave your websites.

I first created my blog six months ago; I thought this would be a wonderful way to share my new granddaughter with my family in the Midwest. I had no clue that I would meet so many neat people all across the nation and abroad. I find the differences in the Body of Christ exhilarating. Your blogs inspire me and my faith soars. Your Godly influence sticks to me like silver sprinkles.
I’m blessed! Thank you!


  1. Likewise, Mary. YOUR blog leaves sprinkles on us! You bless people with your smile, your sweet spirit, your good attitude, and your spiritual awareness. God uses today's technology in a most amazing way!

  2. Awwww, that is neat! You touch everyone who meets you in blogland too! Keep sprinkling! :o)

  3. Your silver sprinkles have definitely connected with me, too, in a spiritual sense. I love reading your blog and your comments are always so encouraging. I love the analogy - I had a shirt like that once, too. All the sprinkles fell off eventually, but I still find them everywhere...

  4. You are so nice! I think your blouse is kind of nice actually. I agree that blogging can be such a blessing and a wonderful way to meet others. I've also found it to be a ministry.

  5. I LOVED this post precious..That top is OH MY GOODNESS lovely!! Thanks for sprinkling some silver on me through this post sweetie..((hugs)) I'm glittering all over now from that lovin!!Wonder if I will glow in the

  6. I feel the same way too about all the blogs! They encourage and put me on the right track when I need putting.
    BTW, I love your blouse:))

  7. Good post....Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment about my post from Max Lucado. Have a great day.

  8. Just like how your blog touched mine. The greatest thing was that we all got sprinkled with His blood and that's what united us. I am so blessed too to meet brothers and sisters in Christ through blogosphere that I felt I needed to show you myself [thank you for your lovely comment re my pic profile :)]...This "grin" is from ear to ear...hahaha.
    Sister, the blouse is nice but the one who's wearing it made the difference! God's love was sparkling from your eyes. God bless and have a great night sis Mary! love-Rosel

  9. Love you dear friend. You know you always touch me when I come here. What a beautiful picture of you and your friend...I LOVE the sparkles in your blouse and I also love it when you said, "Your Godly influence sticks to me like silver sprinkles." DITTO back to you sweet woman.

    Warms Hugs,

    P.S. - I've been having a problem with my posts updating on other's blogs. Is my recent post updated on your site? If not, I need to figure out what is going on...and I'm not technically savvy :0

  10. I feel exactly the same way about how blessed I have been by my blogger friends. I think your silver sprinkles are a good picture of how your testimonies of God's goodness bless so many people. Your smile is contagious, too!

  11. You are SUCH A SWEETIE! Beautiful photo!!! Thank you for touching my heart in the short time I've known you.

    Love ya!

  12. You have sprinkled us with God's love today, Mary! Isn't blogging fun? I am also amazed at all the sweet sisters I have met in recent months - many who are faithful in prayer too! Such a blessing.

    Nice to meet you today!

    Choosing JOY,
    [kneeling in prayer]


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