Matzos for One Hundred and Twenty

This spring marks our 25th year of celebrating Passover. One of my favorite memories is the year that we took our Messianic music to the church sanctuary, and along with the help of the congregation, transformed that Saturday evening into a remembrance of a lifetime as we celebrated Passover together with our church family. We set up tables, and each woman decorated their family’s table with beautiful tablecloths, fresh flowers and candles. In the background you could hear our praise & worship leader practicing devotional worship songs. Blue and white balloons decorated the big room. We greeted each family at the door while women gathered in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on the dinner food.

My husband gave a mini teaching about The Haggadah, or the booklet that tells the story of how God led the Israelites out of Egypt and delivered them. He explained the elements that make up a Seder, which means “order”, and the purpose of each. He then gathered the children to himself and asked them questions about Moses, God’s miracles and Jesus. Parents and Sunday school teachers beamed with pride as each child answered correctly.

What was special about this particular group was their willingness to learn. I never witnessed a group of people who hungered for an understanding of Jesus in this celebration like they did. The men eagerly participated when we gave them feathers and asked them to retrieve any pieces of hametz, or yeast, at their table signifying that they, indeed, searched their home making sure no hametz, or leavening, was found in it. They would carry it to a makeshift pit where they would burn it symbolizing that as the leader of their family, there is no unconfessed sin in their house. My husband demonstrated by stomping his foot loudly and shouting “My house is clean.” The men had fun with it. We all cringed when one of our board members shouted “My house is clean.” His wife would always tell us “I’m not a housekeeper” and ask us to excuse the mess. She got the biggest kick out of this and we all gave her big hugs.

We were then ready to begin our complete Passover Seder. Women stood at their tables and lit the candles and I led them in a blessing, an opening prayer. There is so much symbolism at Passover that points to Jesus. Blood from a lamb was sprinkled over the doorpost for protection from the death angel that would kill the first born of each family regardless whether they were Jew or Egyptian if not protected by the blood of the lamb; thus death passed over the homes that were protected. Three pieces of matzos, unleavened bread, symbolize Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but Christians see it as the triune God with the second matzo hidden in the napkin symbolizing the Son.

I believe that God loves it when we celebrate Jesus in the Passover. I love to think of Him as my deliverer. When Jesus touches our lives and delivers us, we are different. We are free and we can’t keep it to ourselves!

As the last praise song was sung that night and the clock told us it was late, families left quickly. Many stayed behind and cleaned up the sanctuary for the Sunday morning Resurrection service. I noticed how joyful everybody was as they cleaned. Then something wonderful happened. The men formed a circle and began to dance to the fast Messianic music. Women and girls joined in and the balloons fell from the ceiling. They danced to the music keeping those balloons suspended! We called it the “balloon dance.” We laughed a lot and danced a lot. It's what you do when you feel free.

But then something even more wonderful happened. The next morning our pastor gave an inspirational teaching on all that he learned about Jesus in the Passover, using our prayer shawl. He covered several points of the Seder that he held dear. But then something even more wonderful happened. An altar call was given and nine people gave their lives to Christ.

I praise Jesus, our deliverer. I wish you were here with me, dear friends, celebrating Jesus with us this Passover night. We have a great menu planned: matzo ball soup, green tossed salad, roast chicken and grilled lamb with brownies and coffee for dessert. But before we begin this year’s Passover celebration, I will be asking everyone: What breakthrough do you believe Jesus for? He is our deliverer. May He bless you and grant your request. Shalom!


  1. Thank you for sharing this sister! Oh, how awesome it is to be able to come out of our bondages [Egypt] in our lives...only because of what Jesus had done! That was neat that 9 hearts' doors were marked by the blood of the Lamb...Glory to God! God bless and have a great day! -ROSEL

  2. Mary,
    I believe you are talking about when we did this at our church. I will never forget that night it was so much fun and we learned so many new things. I enjoy reading all your blogs. I don't have an account but Carrie gave me her websight for "Life of Navy Wife" so when I read all her posting I go to your as well. Love and miss yah, Rachel (Sutter) Capite

  3. How awesome! I've come to appreciate Passover's connection to Jesus' life/death & resurrection so much more than ever I have before. The Seder is such a powerful remembrance.

    Be blessed,

  4. Mary,

    I feel so close to Jesus right now. As I read each word out loud in my room just now, I am deeply touched. I agree with you when you said that you believe that God loves it when we celebrate Jesus in the Passover. This is such an important time. We are different when He delivers us, and I know that and relate so much to that when you said, WE CAN'T KEEP IT TO OURSELVES. We can't. There is an overspilling of such love, joy, and so much. We just feel we need to shout out to the ends of the earth to spread the good news about Him.

    To hear you tell of such a wonderful celebration...well I joined right in as if I was there, because you made feel as if I was. How awesome that 9 people gave their lives to Christ. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

    I have many requests for breakthroughs and I'm believing and trusting in Him and it will be through His will and timing that all of those breakthroughs will happen. I can't stand or trust in anything less than that!

    Thank you for your all of your prayers and loving thoughts on my site. As sisters-in-Christ and as friends, we never lose sight of one another's needs especially in times of trials.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you faithful hearted one. I love you dearly. May God bless and annoint this Passover season of celebration in your home, your families and your church.

    (((Hugs and love)))

  5. @Rachel:
    You made my day! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. Yes, that was quite a Passover!

    I enjoyed your parent's Christmas card and photo of your kids. They are beautiful and I hear you are a wonderful mom! Doesn't surprise me.

    You are welcome here anytime! I extend warm hugs. Feel free to also email me pics of your family. My email is on my profile page.

    Have a great Resurrection Sunday!
    Love and miss you too!

  6. That is absolutely awesome! I wish I had been there! Christians should celebrate in the Jewish traditions -- since our roots are Jewish. I wish each Christian church did these things. God wanted us to be one NEW man -- Jew and Gentile.

    Thank you for sharing this!

  7. This is one of my "invisible peeking" just to start my day with my sis' smile! But now, I'm thrilled to hear an extra treat - the "music" you had added was just totally awesome! Just want to say a warm "hello" and thank u for ur visits. Pls read my answer to ur post in my blog. God bless sister and may you have a great day! Hugs and prayers-ROSEL

  8. I was so blessed to read this today. What an awesome testimony! Jesus in our Passover lamb! I love Him so!

    You said, "I believe that God loves it when we celebrate Jesus in the Passover. I love to think of Him as my deliverer. When Jesus touches our lives and delivers us, we are different. We are free and we can’t keep it to ourselves"! Amen!

    Many Easter and Passover blessings to you!


  9. Beautiful Post!!! I too love the message that the Passover illustrates!!! Christ the Redeemer, for ALL TIME!!

  10. @Rosel:
    Thank you for sharing your blog beauty secret with me! I'll give it a try.

    Yeah, I've been laying low. Isn't the cross powerful? I've been spending a lot of time with Him, telling Him how much I love Him.

    Thanks, dear one, for all you do.
    Your melancholy friend!

  11. What wonderful memories. Thank you. My son is majoring in Hebrew to prepare for being a Bible teacher. He recently took me to a Messianic congregation here in Indiana. The dancing was incredibly uplifting! God bless you as you celebrate the resurrection of our Lord.

  12. What a wonderful post! I have never been to a celebration like that so reading about it was a learning time for me.
    Praise GOd for those new believers!
    Have a Happy Easter!

  13. This lesson is so amazing. We were fortunate in another city to attend a church called "Christian Heritage" that had a "sister" relationship with a synagogue and really made the Old Testament come alive to me. The Passover celebration was awesome.

  14. What an honor to God to celebrate His feast with others.


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