Eight Things

I was tagged this week by Alleluiabelle at Humble As I Go. This game enables us to get to know one another better. Here's how you play:

Mention the person that tagged you. Complete the lists of 8's. Tag 8 of your wonderful bloggy friends. Go tell them you tagged them!

8 Things I look forward to:

1. Seeing my husband again.

2. Having lunch with my girlfriend, Sue, soon.

3. Sleeping in my own bed!

4. Visiting my family in Illinois.

5. The roadtrip back to Arizona and stopping in Yuma for Mexican food.

6. Creating a slideshow of all my photos of San Diego.

7. Seeing my son-in-law come home from sea.

8. Visit the beautiful mountains in Arizona.

8 things I did yesterday:

1. Made a big pot of Albondigas Soup.

2. Swept the floor of dog hair...again!

3. Read some of my book, Edgar Sawtelle

4. Enjoyed watching my daughter and granddaughter get a call from her husband in port.

5. Read my Bible

6. Prayed a lot for several requests

7. Laughed a lot with everybody's Friday Funnies!

8. Watched Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly telling us the truth of what's really going on in America

8 TV Shows I like to watch:

1. The 700 Club

2. O'Reilly Factor

3. Celebration

4. Glenn Beck Show

5. Huckabee


7. Life International

8. Enjoying Everyday Life

I am now suppose to ask eight people to participate. Help me out, here, as my time is limited on line since I'm out of town. If you would like to participate, feel free to join me!


  1. Such a beautiful, godly soul with all those lists you had given! Oh, sis Mary, it's so fun to see a little bit more to the window of your soul! I'm sure a lot of us will be lookin' forward to your no.6 item in the things you look forward to.
    Just seen a little bit from Glenn Beck a few minutes ago! Love O'Reilly and Hannity too!
    I'm so glad that sis "A-belle" came by!!!Keep folding those hands together and keep our knees bent :)
    Take care sis Mary and have a wonderful day! Oh, BTW, I'm patient now on the road ;). God bless.

  2. I love Huckabee, Glenn Beck and even ...Bill O'Reilly too. This is fun to learn more about our blogging friends. I'll say a prayer for your safe return home. It sounds like it was a good trip though to spend time with your daughter.

  3. I'm a fox channel girl myself. So glad to get to know you better dear sister.


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