Baby Boomer Blogger

Who is the baby boomer blogger? Who started practicing her smile at 5 years old? All she needs here is a great big desk Sitka, her furry friend, might say!

Kay, at Dream Big, posted a photo of herself as a little child and I can’t get it out of my mind. I could see back then the mischief in her expression that I’ve come to know so well about her as an adult. So, of course, I had to join in the fun using her clever idea!

I hope this blog idea catches on…I would love to see what my blogger friends looked like as children. If you post your childhood picture, please invite me to view it!


  1. "What a cutie!" "Familiar smile!" May you never tire smiling as God is on you...Take care sister and have a great day! [ makes people wonder what you're up to ;)

  2. I don't know if I've ever seen this picture of you, mom. You're so cute!

  3. Oh what a doll baby you are! Mischeivious? Me? Say it ain't so, Joe! (although my sisters would probably agree with you) I'm thinking that I detect a hint of mishief in that pile of smile of yours?! It's probably good we didn't know one another as young girls - no telling what kind of fun we might have cooked up together that may have landed us in girlfriend jail (that's what we called it when we were sent to our bedrooms to "think" about something). See what fun memories result from childhood pictures? I DO hope others post them too!

  4. Oh Mary, you're so darn cute! Even then you had such a precious smile. I would post one of mine, but those are packed away. I do remember one specifically, where I had this big wad of gum in the side of my cheek. You probably would of gotten a kick out of that one! Glad it's not at my fingertips for posting.

    Thank you dear friend for your kind thoughts and prayers on my post from yesterday. It really means a lot to me that you and so many others have lifted us up in prayer. I'm feeling much better today, thank the Lord.

    Love you,

  5. Too cute...Sitka and I both LOVE your picture...Sitka believes the too of you could be very creative together and have lots of fun..I think you may have given him a few ideas....Please pray for me..this is a crazy week...praying my health will hold up. love and prayers, andrea

  6. Adorable! That same infectious smile comes through now as it did when you were a child. The Lord gave you such a wonderful personality. Thank you for sharing.


  7. Your smile is beautiful! You must be a very happy person. :~D

  8. I love this photo. We can't wear out a smile, can we? I might just have to post one next week.


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