Thankful Thursday - Wisdom

I spent the day in Prescott, AZ, today with my husband. On our way home, we stopped for lunch in the shopping mall. I got a massage and he purchased some dress shirts for work. We were amazed that so few shoppers were out and about in that huge mall. We felt a little blue to see that this economy has wiped out so many businesses and put so many people out of work. Those that still have a job are hanging on to their money and not spending it which is probably wise. These times are unsure times for consumers. It felt lonely to shop in the stores. It was a strange feeling not have to wait in long lines at the cash register. The vast parking lot held only a few cars here and there.

Today our Thankful Thursday focus is wisdom. I am very thankful that I grabbed a Christian teaching on CD this morning and jammed it in my purse on my way out the door. On our long drive home this afternoon, we listened to the CD. The teacher eloquently spoke of being focused in our faith during these trying times that we are all going through in our nation. It was uplifting to hear the wisdom of scriptures that reminded us that the only righteousness we have is in Christ. We are not righteous because we go to church, but righteous people go to church. We are not righteous because we tithe, but righteous people tithe, and so on. It did our hearts good to be reminded that God is still God in a failing economy. It felt good to remember that God is always faithful and he doesn’t change. And it felt good to be challenged to fight the good fight of faith in good times and in bad. I am thankful that I heard words of wisdom spoken into our lives today that God takes care of His children and that we don’t have to be afraid. But we do have to live for Him, and that takes faith.

You will find more Thankful Thursday posts on Lynn’s blog. Be blessed!


  1. Thanks for counting your blessings sweetie.

  2. If only we could see His big picture, we'd certainly have no worries. It's when I get my eyes on some concern and not on Him that I stew.

    This is such a great reminder!


  3. I didn't get to hop by yesterday. Thank you for stopping by my blog. It's always good to "visit" with you. It is so true and yet so hard - knowing God is Sovereign and these times aren't a surprise to Him. My mother even just mentioned how hard it is to "stay good." Thanks for the reminder to keep looking up instead of around at all that's going on! Blessings and have a beautiful weekend.

  4. Hello! may you have a nice day! May you'll greatly blessed as you praise God for every blessings that he poured out unto you.


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