Label Everything!

The coffee pot was brewing and I removed from the oven one of the last frozen pies that I prepared a few months ago. We were indulging in a homemade dessert that night after our hearty casserole. I was in for a surprise as I cut into the steaming golden brown pastry only to find it was not peach or apple, but it was a homemade chicken pot pie! This is what you get when you forget to label any addition to the freezer.

I learned a much deeper lesson about labeling in Bible Study just a few days later. Pastor spoke on “cultivating joy.” He made his profound lesson points substantiated with scripture and he labeled his own personal obstacles that steal his joy. With a half hour left before closing, he released us into small groups of four and gave us this assignment: Discuss this question: “What steals your joy?”

My husband and I joined another couple sitting in our row. We broke the ice when my hubby shared of how his anger erupts when Bible study teachers abuse truth with incorrect facts. “Yeah,” we all chimed, “People get hurt when scripture is taken out of context.” The other women piped up with what steals her joy: contemporary news in contradiction to her Christian principles. Then her husband confessed he feels his joy melts away when family members are falsely accused. We all could relate; we want to defend our loved ones. I shared how a current fear was stealing my joy. The other woman exclaimed “Yours is a valid feeling. I would feel scared, too!”

Thus, we labeled our joy stealers. We held hands and prayed and gave them to God. I don’t know about the others. I can only share for myself. But when I labeled my fear, confusion left and joy returned.

It’s the same thing with my frozen food. I held up a hunk of red meat this morning and asked my husband: “Do you think this is a cross rib roast? It’s not labeled.” We had a good laugh. Labeling things eliminates confusion! What is your joy stealer? Let’s label what steals our joy and surrender it to Christ today. And let’s walk in joy and freedom!


  1. Amen! Great post! I hate it, too when there are so many injustices that seem to get away. But I know nothing is hidden from the One Who truly sees it all. If I have Him by my side, then I know I shouldn't be afraid. God bless! The pot pie must be a delicious mistake anyway! Did I hear coffee! I'm hungry now...

  2. What a wonderful analogy!

    Once something's defined, or given a context, it's much easier to get past.

    One of my own joy stealers is spending time boo-hooing unsaved loved ones instead of thanking God for what He is doing in their lives, even when I can't see it.


  3. I have to admit, I laughed so hard when I got to cutting into the chicken pot pie first! Oh my sweet woman :D. We label everything in the freezer, upon occasion one slips by though.

    Your post touched me deeply as I am going through a tough time these days and when the question was asked "What steals your joy?" boy that really hit home. There are so many things going on in our lives, so I can't just label one, but I do know that the evil one surely tries to budge and nudge his way through every situation and tries to turn it into something dark and destroying. I have surrendered so much up to the Lord these days. It has become something that I do daily with Him.

    I love your humor. I love to laugh and coming here not only enriches and blesses me, but makes me smile so much as well.

    Love you dear friend,

  4. What steals my joy? When I allow anything - anything - to keep Jesus from being Lord in my life, woop, there goes my joy! I often pray that I see Jesus when he shows up in my life. This was a great post, Mary!


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