Thanksgiving Memories 2008

We spent Thanksgiving in the traditional fashion with recipes we’ve grown to love over the past years, lots of photo ops, games and tense moments that typical families face when we’re not all alike or maybe too much alike! We have so much to be thankful for: each other, our jobs, good health, and the amazing grace of Jesus! We’re overcomers and this year we had to overcome a power outage the day before Thanksgiving for four hours and 2.5 inches of accumulative rain, which, where we live, could have been a problem but wasn’t. Traveling with a baby was not easy, but oh, so worth it.

We play a game in our family called the Ungame. It keeps our communication alive and reminds us to listen to one another. The story of this game’s beginning is interesting. The creator, Rhea Zakich, lost her voice for several months and was frustrated by how hard it was to communicate with her family. She would write questions on slips of paper of what she wanted to ask her family and what she hoped they would ask her. This became a game and she never saw her family open up and share their feelings so articulately. It was such a successful family game that other families wanted a copy and 32 years later, it is a classic.


  1. I like the idea of the Ungame! So glad you had such a wonderful Thanksgiving and we are to overcome.


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