Eternal Friendship

Knowing Brigette, my Pastor's wife, has been one of God's special blessings in my life. Her leadership and friendship to the women in our church has set us ladies free to be healed and loved by God and each other to a deeper degree. Pastor Dana, Brigette, and their boys have accepted their next ministry challenge in Tucson, AZ, and today our congregation said goodbye in a most creative way. I used a half package of klennex as touching prayer blessings were spoken over this wonderful first family of Cottonwood Christian Assembly. It was hilarious when the leaders roasted each one of them and the drama skits about them made you laugh out loud. Afterwards, the leaders cooked up a Thanksgiving dinner complete with turkey and trimmings for everybody. Side dishes arrived and the dessert table spread the length of one wall. I am full. But I'm full not only physically, but spiritually. And, I'm reflecting about how transitions in life remind me that I'm not home yet on this journey.


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