Change for Good

Change has come to our household. I heard Newt Gingrich once talk about change for the sake of change. He mentioned that you have to ask yourself if this change you desire is for good. We are news junkies in our family. Last week Tom suggested that we limit ourselves to one news program in the morning and one at night. I agreed. We have more time now! We’ve even done a few Bible studies together before going to work this past week. In the evenings, we’re reading more. Sometimes we listen to music and read. It’s easier to think around here! I laughed one night when Tom tuned into The Big Joe’s Polka Show. I loved it! Polka dancing is such fun dancing. Everybody looks jolly. Two women can dance together and it looks okay. I say that this has been a good change. It makes me happy. It's hard to stay in a rut when you're open to change.


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