Veep Debate

Sarah Palin showed confidence in the debate last night. I salute her passion for energy issues and her servant’s heart to want to serve the people of America. She was right to challenge us in this nation to live responsibly within our means and stop all the borrowing if we can’t afford to spend. I took note of the way she set boundaries by explaining to the moderator the way she will answer the questions! Sarah Barracuda, you go girl. I thought Joe Biden did well because he was not condescending when she attacked Obama’s big spending programs or brought up his recent gaffes. I’ve got a background in Sales and Joe is a “salesman”. But I’m a Sarah supporter. I was given a bumper sticker for my car by the local Republican headquarters in town. I’m enjoying the waves and thumbs up as I drive around town. I can’t vote any other way because I’m a Christian. McCain/Palin share my world view. The other ticket prefers choice for women and all those millions of abortions do not seem to phase them. Makes me want to cry. The other ticket reflects liberal voting in the Senate and Supreme Court Justices that take rights away to protect Americans. I just don’t think God approves. This is not His world view. Our vote in this election is serious; it will determine our future.


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