Sunny San Diego

It's so strange to experience Autumn in San Diego with temps in the 70's and strong sunny days, but when I daily walk with Miriam, Carrie's Australian Shepherd/beagle, I'm entertained in this neighborhood with all the fall crafts, wreaths, pumpkins that I see in various front yards. Many "Obama/Biden" signs perched on front lawns remind me I'm in a blue state. I've noticed most Obama signs, too, are erected on homesites portraying gremlins, monsters and white hairy spider webs. Scary, very scary...those Obama signs. To be balanced, I have seen "McCain/Palin" signs on about 3 lawns in an 8 block radius of my walk so there are a few of us here but clearly, we're outnumbered.

It has been wonderful to see my new granddaughter in person and to hold her, kiss her and snuggle with her. Susanna is a delight. Much smaller in person than her pictures, I marvel at her dainty features and long limbs! Carrie is a terrific mom and our days are filled with feedings, lots of laundry, cooking and baking. The neighbors on the block are so attentive and it's fun to meet them. Relatives are visiting, friends are calling and cute cards and gifts are arriving. I had to have a pic of this lovely quilt made by Daisy, the 90 year old next door neighbor. It warms my heart to observe the concern of so many that care about Carrie's welfare as a military spouse. She's doing so well; but, of course, she misses her husband when he is away.

Last Monday a Pediatric Nurse, Gabby, visited us. She represented one of those non-profit organizations that check on first-time moms. She was a kindred spirit with us and we enjoyed some fellowship,too! She weighed Susanna at 9 lbs. 4 oz. so our little Sookie is growing strong!


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