Passing the Baton

It was neat to talk to my Mom on the phone today. You just want your Mom around at significant times like this and 1800 miles away doesn’t seem distant at all. Her name is not Ginger but that’s what we call her because she always loved that name and at 93, you can certainly be called what you want to be called. I enjoyed her laugh when she heard what a good baby Susanna is and how proud we are of Carrie in her new role. Mom is precious. My precious daughter gave birth to her precious daughter this week. And motherhood goes on.


  1. I'm so glad I checked in with your blog! Congratulations Grandma! My granddaughter can light up my day like no other, so I can say with confidence that you are about to experience one of the best blessings God rains down on us! Give my best to all your lovely family!

  2. Glad you are a first time grandma now. And loved reading that the mothering continues. Generations are a blessing!

  3. I hope I'm as good a mother to Susanna as you were to me Mom!


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