In Memory of Bernice

A new blogger, I’m catching on to this business of blogging. It’s been fun to peruse the other blog sites and I think to myself, when I know what they know, my blog will also have the bells & whistles. One gal shared that keeping up her blog is a great way to stay in touch with her scattered family members. I think, too, it’s a great way to meet new friends. I named my blog Pile of Smiles and today I want to dedicate it to my Aunty Bea. She loved smiles and collected smiley faces on buttons, plates, etc. She thought it was important to remain cheerful even in the midst of unhappy situations like marital problems or illness. She died in the 80’s, and I miss her. Her upbeat personality made it a pleasure to be around her. Once, I invited her to a Halloween party and her costume was a smiley face! Being a people-person, her goal in life was loving other people and making them comfortable. Others first is a good thing for which to strive. Aunty Bea, this blog’s for you!


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