The Good Life

Holding Susanna in my arms is magical. Her long slim fingers wrap themselves around my thumb when I feed her. As she nods off to sleep, she contorts her face into the cutest expressions from great big smiles to wrinkled-forehead frowns. Bath time is my favorite around here. We wrap her up in Terrycloth like a burrito and breathe in Johnson & Johnson's smells as we listen to her little cooing sounds. Our girls' night out times are the best! Carrie and I are cooking some delicious dinners. With Susanna in the living room with us reclining in her bouncer or held in our arms, we eat homemade cookies and watch Netflix prairie romances. It's easy to forget all the concerns of this nation with its hurting economy, housing crisis and election campaigns when I'm in this little house with light classical music in the background and I'm looking at my new granddaughter. I'm taking full advantage of this little window of opportunity where I can escape into Susanna and kiss the world goodbye.


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