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Reaching for the Goal

While eating dinner at our daughter's last Saturday evening, she mentioned she  missed her sister and family in San Diego.  She took a few vacation days and suggested the 450 mile road trip.  Our husbands felt better about it if she didn't go alone but take me along.  She didn't have to ask me twice!  By Sunday morning I was packed and ready to go!  It took us over eight hours.  We jam-packed each day with fun in the sun enjoying the ocean and our family.

Mission Beach Boardwalk stretches about 2-1/2 miles.  It's lined with shops and restaurants, bicycles, skateboards, condo rentals and lovely sidewalk flowers to enjoy.

We babysat my youngest granddaughter while her big sister went to school and their parents could get away for a nice lunch by themselves.  The little one is turning four.  After dinner at Chuck E. Cheese, we had a party with homemade cupcakes and frosting.  

My family knows my happy place is Balboa Park with it's pretty fountain, flowers, museums, arbo…

Should I Tip?

Let me tell you about the big debate at our house this past week.  The husband claims we should always tip the waitress when we order carry-out food from a restaurant.  I thought to tip in a restaurant is optional.  Friendly and efficient service calls for a reward and wait staff knows when they do well, it pays off.
This all came up from a media report about a waitress who worked at a popular steakhouse chain.  She was thrilled to be the one to get the called-in order from a Christian mega church buying lunch for a big meeting.  The order totaled over $700 and took her an hour to prepare.  The fellow who picked up the order did not include a tip when he paid for it.  The disappointed waitress expressed her exasperation on social media. 
It Gets Worse The waitress returned to work the next day to learn the restaurant fired her.  Apparently, the boss read her social media page!  In the meantime, the Christian church also read her social media post and determined to fix the offense.  Th…