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The Family Photo

My family’s coming for Thanksgiving!  Actually, we’ll gather before Thanksgiving Day for a long four-day weekend to make the holiday work for everybody.I’m excited!I’m gathering recipes, cleaning the guest room and shopping for the right turkey.

My daughters gave me an errand to do for them.  They booked a photographer and want a photo of our family.  They asked me to find an interesting background for it, preferably with red rocks.  I drove around and found a private spot just west of Sedona.  A little history of Sedona I like the story behind the town’s name.  Sedona Schnebly, young and newly married, moved to Arizona in the early 1900’s and settled in a tiny community known for its red rock formations.  Mr. Schnebly, a hard working farmer, transported his crops up the hill to Flagstaff.  The rocky road is still called Schnebly Hill Road today.  His wife, Sedona, served her community well.  Her hospitality became an oasis for those traveling through the area.  When the community grew,…


The row of bicycles at the Rec Center drew me in as I watched the cyclists pedaling fast to workout songs in their ears.  In front of their bikes a computer screen depicts a boardwalk scene along the ocean with pedestrians jutting out of the way as they speed by.It's a fun, pretense ride but not for me back in those days when I first joined the gym.

I remember in detail how I climbed on a bike and programmed my workout.  I didn’t realize the gentleman on my right was watching me.
“Are you okay?”   He asked.  “You look like you’re struggling.”
I could barely make a revolution with my stiff, arthritic knees but I wanted to join the pretend marathon.  I told that nice man that I better choose other toys in the playground until I get my knees fixed.   Then I headed over to the old people’s bike with the high seat and tiny pedals but at least I could ride it.
I told this story to my therapist after my release to go back to the Rec Center.  Even though I’ve only had one knee replaced, he go…