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She's on the Mend

You don’t have to file a missing person’s report.  Mary is not missing.I’m Mary’s husband, Tom, and I wish to thank all of her well wishers, prayer warriors and blog followers that have supported her throughout the past month as she underwent knee replacement.She won’t be playing marbles or be drafted for the tight end on a NFL team, but she will be able to walk without the tremendous pain that she’s been undergoing for the past ten years.

We can pick our friends.  We can pick our nose, but we can’t pick our parents or our friend’s nose.  Mary inherited her bad knees from her mother who transmitted some bad gene to both Mary, her sister and brother.
Mary’s surgeon is located in Flagstaff, about 60 miles north of us but her operation was done at a hospital in Phoenix. Her doctor recommended the lower altitude location for older ones, like Mary, because of the higher oxygen concentration and faster healing.   Mary hopes that her knees will last a 25 year warranty that comes with them.  Lo…