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Chicken Soup for a Cold

At the beginning of the year, I froze containers of homemade chicken soup for rainy winter days.  I dipped into my stash last weekend when a head cold flattened me for several days.  What is it about hot chicken soup that comforts a cold…and a soul?
I have not had a cold or the flu for four years.  I forgot the cumbersome feeling that nasty bug brings.  Breathing becomes a chore.    There are never enough tissues in the house.  Essential oils diffuse the air like a chamber of Eucalyptus mist.  Cherry cough drops soothe the throat and herbal teas bring healing relief.  Low energy, chapped nose, sneezing and post nasal drip wipe out each day’s “to do” list.
My bedroom turned into a weekend retreat.  I read a lot.  My brother recently sent me Dr. David Jeremiah’s book, Is This The End?
Blog post after blog post filled me with inspiration, encouragement and laughter.  I can only hope my opinionated comments made sense.  If not, let’s blame it on my stuffy head!

Outside, the weather looked lik…

One Mile Radius

“One Mile Radius” links to my purpose here on earth.  My inner circle hashes out the catch phrase and we look for ways to be sensitive and aware of those we live near, work with and meet in our ordinary days.For us, it represents the call to share the Good News with others.  It's not enough to only go to church but we remind ourselves that we are the church.

I listened to the sermon one Sunday morning and thought about my own personal one mile radius.  How can I brighten my visits with the Native American gal who cuts my hair every six weeks in the salon a few blocks away?
I think of my neglect of the friendly couple that lives a few doors down and make a mental note to invite them to dinner soon. 
I sent a quick text to the president of our road association to thank him for hiring a contractor to level out our country road.  Only half the residents pay the fee to maintain the road we all use to get in and out of our town.  The president stopped by the house and we sat in my kitche…

Tackling the Impossible

Last Sunday my husband invited me to watch the Super Bowl Game with him.  How could I resist with the smell of chicken wings in the oven while he searched for dipping bowls and ranch dressing.  I’m not a football fan, but I like the sound of “patriots” since I’m politically bent. 
The husband lost interest after Lady GaGa and he left the room.   I screamed for him from the sofa in the fourth quarter telling him he needs to come back and see the game.  That determined look on Tom Brady’s face braced us for that one last shot of giving it all he’s got!
Many compared the Patriot’s win to our national election last fall.  The naysayers jabbed early in the presidential campaign that Trump’s objective in the political race stemmed from a cry for attention.  When he won the nomination, they said he can’t win the election.  But I saw that determined look on his face when I watched him in the rallies.
This morning I heard the words of Jesus when I studied Mark, Chapter Nine. The disciples felt …

Not England but Close

We dream about visiting England one day, my daughter and I, but have yet to engage in that delight.  We found a similar British exploit.  We got all dolled up, drove south to Carefree, Arizona, and enjoyed lunch at the English Rose Tea Room.
Amy, a registered nurse in mental health care, heard about the tea room from a patient.  We gave it an excellent review as the friendly staff fulfilled our fantasy of pure lady hood in English cuisine and d├ęcor. 

We chose to eat outdoors on the sidewalk cafe’ rather than the tea room.  We enjoyed the European effect, especially Amy who works in a high-stress environment.  I smiled as she relaxed with her back facing the warm sun.  The perfect temperature, 72 degrees, enveloped us and healed us. We forgot about the above freezing temperatures we left behind that morning.


In this photo, the tables behind me create lovely ambiance for an exquisite woman’s lunch!


We ordered a pot of Chocolate Almond Coconut tea.  Notice the strainer we place…