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My Mom Fought the U.S. Post Office and Won

My mom embarrassed me years ago when she called our small town post office and complained about slow package delivery.   I gave the eulogy at mom’s memorial service, and I told the mortifying story at the chapel. Respectful laughter filled the room.  However, embarrassment doesn’t bother you when you’re dead in the grave and maybe that’s the lesson here today.
Mom loved to send packages to me in Arizona.  She often mailed pencils, recipe clippings, bars of soap, cereal, odds and ends that were meaningful to her. 
Mom never understood that her mailings to a hick town in the west take a heck of a lot longer than it does in Chicago.  I got umpteen phone calls from her before any shipment arrived and she would ask impatiently:  “Did you get my package yet?”
It was about six years ago when retrieving my mail, Toni, my favorite clerk shouted to me across the room from the front desk, “Your mother called me yesterday.  She’s had enough of our delays and complained that your packages arrive wa…


Everybody likes the thought of being safe.  Who wants to be left out in the cold?  Not me.  That’s why I tacked Psalm 59:16 to a winter photo and shared it on my Facebook page.
But as for me, I will sing about your power.
Each morning I will sing with joy about your unfailing love.
For you have been my refuge,
a place of safety when I am in distress.
An unusual cold air mass came through our part of the state a few weeks ago when I posted that photo.  My friend, Peggy, left a comment of how God specifically rescued her the cold night before giving muscle power to my photo creation of Scripture and snow!
Peggy drove to Sedona to have dinner with friends despite the cold front and dipping temperatures.  At about 8:00 p.m. she noticed a problem with her car on the drive back home on that dark, main highway.  The red dashboard lights came on and her vehicle overheated.  Peggy pulled over to the side of the road and called AAA.   She writes:  “My hands were so cold and shaking that I had a hard …

Replace Valentine's Day?

I giggled when I read a message on social media about replacing Valentine’s Day with a second Thanksgiving.  The favorable comments for another Thanksgiving Day sobered me as I read about spouses who lost their love and, by the way, who needs Valentine’s Day anyway?I doubt, though, that a hearts and flowers money maker like Valentine’s Day will ever be cancelled or replaced.

The whole thing got me thinking.  I wondered about those folks and their comments of emptiness without a current romantic interest in their lives.   I asked myself how I would face Valentine’s Day if I ever spent it alone.  Would I go to the movies by myself and hide in the dark?  Would I invite single girlfriends over and watch a romantic comedy while eating popcorn together?  Knowing me, I would probably stay home, put my jammies on and go to bed real early to escape from the pain of loneliness.

That’s not how one girl handled it.  A Christian brother shared a story about how his (now) wife spent Valentine’s Day w…


Bonnie told me she needed a break in life during an interview for a receptionist position.  Her impressive resume’ stated that she hoped to be able to work her way up in the company.  Her references checked out.  I hired this enthusiastic, creative girl resolving to help her reach a higher goal. Unfortunately, she fell from grace.
Immediately, I noticed a desire to please.  Bonnie not only caught on quickly, but offered wise suggestions.  She proved herself time and again and I trusted her in my office not just to water my plants or grab a good book from the shelf but to read my notes, bone up on my customers’ files and step in and help me manage the office.  She designed personal stationery for me and a business card that rocked.  I told my boss this time I found a winner and having this confident single mom on board would boost our team to the top.
With the economy on our side, business was good!  Sales were up and I got the company’s trip to Hawaii.   Like a protective mom, I wrote r…