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God Created Me!

Today is not only the last day of January, it’s my birthday.  You’re invited to my party!  I’ve got cake, ice cream, presents, and some inspiration about getting older!  Join me for some smiles.

“Old people should not eat health food. They need all the preservatives they can get!” Robert Orben

“As a graduate of Zsa Zsa Gabor School of Mathematics, I honestly do not know how old I am.” Erma Bombeck

Why did Mattel choose “curvy” Barbie to hit the shelves today, on my birthday?

Sookie designed a birthday card depicting me in blue skies, with the sun shining.  I look like I’m singing and the grass is very green, just sayin’.

Leave it to kids to boost our self esteem.  Hope my granddaughter will always think I’m budafull. 

The family party filled my love tank to full.  They chose my favorite: white cake with white frosting!  I know, b.o.r.i.n.g.  It’s what I like; correct me if I’m wrong, but I think white on white is still what’s really in right now.

My creative girlfriend, Kay, sent me a new mouse …

Giving Secretly

I don’t mind the cold, in fact, I like it.  I got home from the grocery store and began chopping the vegetables I bought for one of my favorite creations, Beef Noodle Soup.   A cold winter day deserves a pot of hot tasty soup to warm the tummy but the message I heard on the radio in the background in my kitchen reached deep into my heart and warmed the inner places of my soul.
In between songs, the deejay on the Christian station shared a story of a mom’s embarrassment while having lunch with her young son in a restaurant.  The little boy felt overwhelmed at one point and began acting out.  It’s hard when that happens and this child suffers from Asperger Syndrome; his surroundings became too much for him to bear.  His mom understood; she did her best.  She realized how he felt and tried to comfort him so that they could enjoy lunch together but clearly she struggled.  She took her boy to the restroom, and returned to pay the bill.  Someone picked up the tab leaving her a note saying “Y…

Hearts for the Kingdom Author Interview

When I finished reading Hearts for the Kingdom last week, I contacted the author, Cho Larson.   We talked about the book and he graciously agreed to be my guest today.  Together we hope to inspire you in your journey of faith to pursue God with a heart that is alive and beating for the Kingdom of God.

Mary:  Cho, when I finished your book, I felt loved and very close to my Savior. Cho:  I’m overwhelmed at the encouraging response to it.
Mary:  How long did it take to write this book? Cho:  God works in mysterious ways. As I’ve observed God’s hand at work, it’s easy for me to picture Him as the Great Conductor, orchestrating everything in perfect harmony. Hearts for the Kingdom wasn’t my original plan, but after I sent another manuscript I was working on to my editor, while waiting for him to edit, the need became clear for a foundational book. This bookrequired about six months to complete.
Mary: as an author, what is the message you hope your readers will take away? Cho:  God has given me…

God Created Snow!

Snow is in the forecast today and it will be mild compared to my memories of The Blizzard of 1978 when snow accumulated three feet high atop roofs in my Chicago neighborhood.  My awning collapsed.  Chilly temperatures dipped and the whirling wind whipped across my face like single-edged razors.
I learned to drive in extreme weather conditions on the streets of Chicago.  That blizzard year, I drove my mint green Chevy Malibu confidently even though I had to be pushed out of roadside snow banks by kind, strong, men more times than I like to admit.
A snow memory that surfaces during that storm is when I met up with Joanne, my first mentor in my newly found faith.
It took me thirty minutes to drive to Joanne’s house, even though she lived only a few miles from me.  I arrived safely and trudged through big pockets of white fluffy snow with my knee-high boots.  When I got to her front door, she quickly scooped up my little baby, bundled in her carrier, freeing me to balance the diaper bag and …

The Architect

I don’t recall any other year feeling so intimate with our Lord regarding my one word as in 2015.  God’s GRACE laced my ordinary days and each night, before falling asleep I would recall grace, so apparent, in the events of the day!
Memories also surfaced of grace in my past and I knew I had to write about them.  I felt compelled to share the grace that blanketed my personal life.  Thank you for reading my stories over this past year.  Your comments support and encourage me.
I received my new word, “Creator,” and felt perplexed as every year wondering what my one word would unveil.   What does God want me to learn about His name, Creator?   I wonder if I should join my girlfriend, Peggy, more often when she leads nature hikes in the mountains of Sedona.  Does God want me to appreciate and to praise Him for the beauty of His creation all year?
I think it’s more than that.  A Scripture verse springs up in my mind from time to time and has become my prayer:
Create in me a clean heart, O God.