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June’s Big Lessons

I learned some things in June.

When you’re a middle child, you’re not cute like the baby and you’re not in charge like the oldest.  I won’t go so far as saying you’re overlooked, but it still happens that when you do open your mouth to share, the rest of them start talking over you like you are not there.  That’s what happened one night at dinner with my family while I was in Chicago. The dynamics kicked in and soon I was overshadowed by the rest all talking at once and not listening to me.  I don’t like it when they do that, but this time I did not quietly retreat into my shell.  I called them on it.  They heard!  Every eye was on me as they told me to finish my story; I told them I didn’t want to now.  (All of a sudden I was ten again!)  Of course, I finished my *wonderful* story!  When my daughter heard about this, she shouted “It’s about time, mom!”   I’m wondering if there is a proverb somewhere for the middle child syndrome.  I just haven’t found it yet!  So in June, I learned to…

Tale of Two Women

For God so loved the world That He gave His One and Only Son  That whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16
This is a tale of two women.  One is rich and the other is poor.You have to guess which one is the rich one.

My girlfriend, Marge, lives in a ritzy suburb west of Chicago. Her lawyer-investor husband did well and when he passed away, she inherited his successful business.  Her kids help run the business but her phone rings often and she makes important decisions.
Marge’s phone rang when I met up with her for breakfast.  She’s quick and bright so it’s not a big deal.  After breakfast, Marge offered to take me home.  She stopped at our favorite craft store.  When it comes to paper crafts, she’s my girl.  We had a blast looking at everything and she, again, shared helpful tips. 

Marge got off the expressway and took the scenic back roads pointing out several businesses and buildings that she owns.  I thought to myself, “If I owned just one of them I coul…

Back in the Middle Again