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Baby Died


Leave it to Baby to exit this world on an exciting Eclipse Day.  Talk about a grand departure! 

I remember well the day I drove to the pet store.  It was 40 years ago and our youngest enrolled in kindergarten.  The house seemed too quiet all of a sudden.  I needed a friend.  I remember praying before I shopped for a bird.  Not a fragile parakeet this time, but I asked for a strong bird whose sounds would fill up our empty rooms.  I chose a young cockatiel and the family named him Baby. 

Baby was a little too loud, but funny to have around especially when Tom came home from his job with the phone company.  He wore a pager back then and got in the habit of turning it off, back on and off again before setting it down by his wallet and keys.  Baby echoed the pager call perfectly and made us laugh every time. 

I figured Baby, such a perky bird, would last a long time, but never expected him to hit the typical 15-20 year mark let alone 40!  I should have kept his papers.   You’ll just have to take my word for it! 

Baby irritated me at times with his loud screeching personality.  Baby could out-do excitable dialogue and lively conversations.  I mentioned my frustrations to Tom a time or two, but he would always respond:  “We made a commitment to him and our kids.  Everybody stays!”

I am filled with sadness today as the kids and I buried Baby in my prayer garden.  The house is incredibly quiet!  But I’m not going to the pet store.  I gave away all my bird food and supplies just to be sure.  No more playing “Bird Chirping” You Tube Channels, either. 

Thank you, tough bird, for hanging in there all those years with us.  I will miss you.


  1. Oh Mary, I'm so very sorry!
    The only birds I had growing up were (ill-fated) canaries sans personality. Each named "Bobby", I think my mother enjoyed them more than me. Tom, on the other hand, used to enjoy both his cockatoos and parrots. I don't think either had the life expectancy of your Baby; that's amazing.
    I sure enjoyed hearing the story of his life ... what a legacy he's left. Hugs!

  2. Hi sister Mary! It's good to see you wrote about Baby but my visit is a little late๐Ÿ˜ฉ... I can't imagine all the lessons you all have learned having Baby with the responsibility that comes caring for a special pet and a special part of your family.

    I haven't been blogging but never forgetting you in my prayers. Hope you're remaining strong in the Lord's mighty power ๐Ÿ™

    As hubby & I are both retired, we're trying to be not idle but most of all, we both know the most important thing of always drawing near to the Lord at this trying time. God bless you & always protect you and your family. Love and prayers always. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿค—

    1. Rosel, I often think of you, too. I love hearing from you! Love and prayers, always!

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