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A gal at church asked me how I feel about Memorial Day coming up earmarking the first year of my husband’s death.  “Oh, I don’t know how I’ll feel,” I responded.   Grief is funny that way.  It’s hard to predict with its pattern of strong days vs. fragile days, but I felt touched by her concern.  In fact, my take-a-way of this past year, when I think about it, is feeling deeply loved.  Family and friends have been so encouraging.

The kids and I continue to carry on their father’s passionate legacy of love of God, country and family.  Our flag waves tall in our front yard with colorful flowers planted beneath it just as he designed.  He feels near.  Happy Memorial Day, dear ones, and stay safe this weekend.  May we always remember those who gave their lives for our freedom in this great country.


  1. Beautifully said, Mary. Your story always has a place in my heart.

  2. Happy Memorial Day to you dear Mary. Sending you hugs from across the miles. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. Happy Memorial Day sister Mary & a big hello & hug to you!!!

    It's good to know that we both are remaining strong in the Lord's mighty power!!! No option anyway, right? But to do so at these trying times🙏

    It's never easy I know some days but it's good to not forget bro. Tom's sacrifice,same with the other ones who served honestly to preserve our freedom.

    Choose joy like what you said each day no matter what it brings for we also celebrate our true freedom because of our Lord's sacrifice🙏

    Take care sister as I always remember you in my 🙏. Everything is okay on our side because of the Lord's grace & faithfulness & His mercy. Love & 🙏 always 🛐

  4. Good morning sister Mary. Never forget we're always battling in position of victory. Glory be to God! OMG... Your granddaughter was a tiny tot now starting highschool!!! Time flies by sooo fast! But what discernment at such an early age! With school system different nowadays, good choice from her!!! There's nothing that evil hasn't penetrated but thanks be to God for the weapons He always arms us with🙏

    The darts thrown to break my family apart a year ago were all quickly deflected by the faith He increased. My hubby is back to being his usual loving, godly, supportive partner & father. I can only brag about what God has done. & continue to do so for us.

    Keeping you all in my 🙏. May His perimeter of divine protection (Well, I can confidently claim it does 😊) surround us. Daily. Stay strong sister. Life isn't easy with your heart having a hole the size of bro. Tom but so glad your loving family surrounds you always & I know his love remains❤️

    Rest assured you're always thought of in my 🙏. God bless,& strengthen you always. I appreciate your visit, too. Thank you ❤️🤗

  5. Hi Mary, I can't imagine what it will be like if my husband goes before me, but one thing I know for sure - after having my beautiful near death experience years ago we, as part of the body of Christ on earth, will be reunited in the most beautiful place one can not imagine where there will be no more tears, no more sadness and a life of eternity. God bless you Mary with all He has for us in Jesus.

  6. "my take-a-way of this past year, when I think about it, is feeling deeply loved."

    Took my breath away. What a blessed woman you are, Mary!


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