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The Refreshing Snow


I think the reason I like snowstorms is because the snow settles on all the imperfections of my property and leaves a much improved version.  I am thankful for all the rain last week.  My pine trees soak it up, but it leaves ruts of accumulated water across my front yard and ugly potholes in the street forcing drivers to slow down to avoid a muddy car wash.

This morning's sun rose up over our small community in central Arizona where almost four inches of snow fell in the night.  The perfect white flakes covered all the imperfections of weeds, ruts and mud on my property.

Everyone posted photos on social media of their snowy porch railings, their parked cars hiding under a white coat of snow and my favorite--dogs jumping in the snow with white, wispy snouts.

I bundled up in my winter coat and shoes and forged a path atop a perfectly packed accumulation to greet the strong sun and to assess and capture the beauty with my cell phone.

I sat in my kitchen with a cup of hot coffee and enjoyed my morning photo shoot.  I noticed my Bible on the table.  It was marked to study Psalm 18.  "The Lord will enlighten my darkness," verse 28 says.  I think to myself of how true it is.  It makes me praise the Father who sees me covered in His Son's redemptive blood where I, and probably my neighbors, see only my imperfections.  I resolve to see myself as God sees me, refreshed by His Holy Provision.  Only then can my imperfections fade away.

Join me today and see yourself as God sees you.  As Hebrews 8 says, He longs to be to us a God, and we be to Him, a people.


  1. Your pics are lovely. I like the snow too, but we have hardly any here because we are close to the sea. Yes, the Lord will lighten our darkness as we receive what comes down from Heaven. God bless you with all God has for us in Jesus.

  2. What a beautiful snowfall you received! I love going out after the snow has fallen, and just enjoy the beauty! Snow makes everything so pretty, indeed. Beautiful thoughts shared about Psalm 18. You always remain in my prayers!

  3. Beautiful snow and pictures! I see a `heart` in the top one where the blue is coming out thru the clouds (looks like a heart to me!). God`s light shines through your pictures and your post! Beautiful and light-filled verse from the psalm. Shalom and light-filled days to you and your family! Blessings❤️

  4. Looking good.
    Isaiah 1:18, "Come now, let us reason together, saith Jehovah: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow".


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