The Pie Surprise


A brother blogger inspired me to make a sweet potato pie today after I read his account of a dessert he made for his wife to surprise her.  His hilarious navigation through the order of ingredients kept me laughing especially when he carefully fluted the pie crust edge and then added the liquid filling but forgot to include the mashed sweet potatoes.  He hurried to the oven but could only save the sugar liquid from the failed pie crust.  Fortunately, he made extra pastry to redeem his creation. 

Last night, I looked at my bowl of vegetables and spotted two lone sweet potatoes.  “Why not?”  I thought. 

I took his suggestion to make pie crust from scratch using famous chef, Melissa Clark’s recipe here.  I whipped up a batch and went to bed trusting the ball of pastry will roll out like a gem in the morning.  When the husband awoke, I summoned him to the kitchen to help me.  After all, professional baker is one of his titles.  I lined up all the ingredients on the kitchen island, minus the rum.  “So you want to experiment with this guy’s recipe but leave out the rum?” he asked. 

“Why would I buy rum for only two tablespoons?”  My reasoning left him in a quandary as he imagined finishing the leftover bottle.  Men!  To compromise, I found a brand new rum extract in my spice cabinet. 

Baking together turned out to be the very thing to pull me out of the doldrums.  I feel restless as the nerves in my operated toes come to life and tell me they oppose this foreign object in my body so they pinch me sometimes when I walk.  Just two more weeks and the wire to straighten my second toe will be removed!  I’m tired of reading and sorting through old photos with an elevated foot.  I tell myself to hang in there; I’m almost to the finish line. 

Maybe I should have bought that bottle of rum after all.

By the way, regarding the pie; this fella’s recipe should win a prize.  I’ll make it again.  I’ve saved it here.  And he was right to suggest the crust from scratch.  Leave it to a blogger to give one the best research.  


  1. Praying for your speedy recovery. Thank you for visiting my Blog.

    God bless.

  2. Praying for complete might have should gotten the rum! LOL! My granny used to make sweet potato pies all the time. I am the only one in my family that loves a good old sweet tater pie. Hope you are doing well while recuperating. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. First of all, the pie looks great on the plate! A beautiful piece of bakery!
    I'll certainly try the recipe as I love sweet potatoes and eat them often in various combinations.
    Wishing you a speedy healing of the foot,
    Blessings and Hugs!

  4. What a nice blog. I read it with with pleasure. Hope all is well and thank you for your great response to my Dutch blog "Kostbaar". That was a real encouragement. I wish you a good recovery!

  5. Funny girl! I've never tried eating a sweet potato pie, but my DIL assures me, "Don't worry. It tastes nothing like sweet potatoes." Oh, and that's a clever compromise, using the extract.

  6. Hi Mary, will look at that recipe later as we love sweet potatoes. Hope you recover with the toe problem soon. As I read about it the song 'Don't give up 'til it's over' by Tommy Fleming, an Irish singer, came into my mind. It is one of my favourite sentences that comes into my mind in my many trials. God bless.

  7. I thought of checking the blog as I wait for my lunch being prepped. Good to see you posted again and right now, I'm trying so hard not to drool looking at that good pie!!! Glad to hear you can keep your rumor despite the waiting period to truly recover from your surgery. I think it would have been a great time to drink that rum. Who knows what analgesic effect it brings during the recovery process! :) Keeping you in prayers and may the Lord continue to strengthen you and your healing on those toes are almost coming! Patience, He's trying to teach in each of us. But again, I don't know if I would have patience if I was baking that sweet potato pie to rest after coming out from the oven. LOL. God bless and love and prayers always.

    1. Thank you for dropping by at my place. I appreciate each time. That was nice for your daughter Amy to save a piece of that good looking pie for her sis. But a promise could be broken sometimes. Hahaha. Everything is ok w/me & the family. Just taking one day at a time as hubby nears retirement in a month. I saw the Freedom conference in Tulsa sister Mary. I never lose faith that through such godly people, His intervention will come in this rampant evilness we have been witnessing & most aren't even seen done in darkness. But God has the victory! Thankful for your love for Jesus that always blesses my own faith. Now rest easy so you can be up on your feet soon!!! And maybe bake not only sweet potato pie??? 😁. Love & 🙏 sister Mary. Stay strong.

  8. Bless your heart, I hope your toe feels better soon! Praying for you.


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