Friday Funnies ~ Generation Y

Hmm, I've always wondered this myself... now I know.-

People born before 1946 were called The Silent generation.. -

The Baby Boomers, are people born between 1946 and 1959. -

Generation X, people have been born between 1960 and 1979. -

Generation Y, are the people born between 1980 and 2009 Why do we call the last group Generation Y? I never did know, but recently a cartoonist explained it very eloquently below... Learned something new today! Scroll down.

Wishing all of you a great Friday. Join the fun with Kim at Homesteader's Heart.


  1. True! LOL...Have a great weekend sister Mary.God bless and protect you and your family always.

  2. That's funny!! And good to know!

  3. Oh now that's a really good one!! and oh so true!! No wonder the song "Pants on the ground" from American Idol is such a hit! ;)

    Love you Mary

  4. Now I feel soooo olden ... don't suppose I'll ever become accustomed to that "Y." I wonder if my folks felt that way about our bell-bottoms or miniskirts?

  5. Interesting blog, and funny cartoon, but GenX doesn't start in 1960, and almost no experts argue that it does. Other than experts Strauss and Howe, almost all generation experts start GenX in the mid-1960s.

    Missing from your list is Generation Jones (between the Boomers and Generation X). Google Generation Jones, and you’ll see it’s gotten lots of media attention, and many top commentators from many top publications and networks (Washington Post, Time magazine, NBC, Newsweek, ABC, etc.) now specifically use this term. In fact, the Associated Press' annual Trend Report chose the Rise of Generation Jones as the #1 trend of 2009. Here's a page with a good overview of recent media interest in GenJones:

    It is important to distinguish between the post-WWII demographic boom in births vs. the cultural generations born during that era. Generations are a function of the common formative experiences of its members, not the fertility rates of its parents. And most analysts now see generations as getting shorter (usually 10-15 years now), partly because of the acceleration of culture. Many experts now believe it breaks down more or less this way:

    DEMOGRAPHIC boom in babies: 1946-1964
    Baby Boom GENERATION: 1942-1953
    Generation Jones: 1954-1965
    Generation X: 1966-1978
    Generation Y/Millennials: 1979-1993

  6. I came back to tell you somethin' sister. I shared this funny thing with my son as we were eating breakfast. He told me they were called "generation Y" because they always ask "Why?"

    "Really?" I said. "But you guys do need to learn a lot," I replied.

    "Why mom? We came from "generation 'X", right?"

    I just stuffed my mouth with eggs and bagel :)

  7. Happy weekend!!

  8. This is brilliant and applies mostly to the guys, but recently I've seen a few girls with this trend as well. Just where do people think walking like a penguin is cool, is Mary Poppins making a come back?

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  9. Oh-kay. Now THIS is the one explanation that totally makes sense!!! LOL!!!

  10. Snorting diet coke out my nose... that's hysterical! Reminds me of General Larry Platt's American Idol audition "Pants on the Ground."

    Does that mean the next generation (generation "z") is going to be it? Interesting thought...

    Thanks for checking in with me. Happy Sabbath rest.


  11. Oh my goodness! Too funny! "Lookin like a fool with your pants on the ground!" generation. LOL


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